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Sarah Darling – Angels & Devils

Sarah Darling – Angels & Devils (CD Review)

Disc 1
1. Thank You 2. Something To Do With Your Hands 3. The Boy Never Stays 4. Toxic
5. Bad Habit 6. Angels & Devils 7. With Or Without You
Disc 2
1. Stop The Bleeding 2. Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word
3. Something To Do With Your Hands [A Capella] 4. Waiting On You 5. I Found In You

Label - Black River Entertainment LLC
UPC - 851491003014
Catalog # - BRE20113
Release - Feb 15, 2011
Time- 46:02

ANGELS & DEVILS is the sophomore release for the 28-year old beauty and Nashville based singer songwriter who hails from Des Moines, Iowa. This 12-track Double-Disc package shows a level of growth from her first album wish focussed on the aspects of lost love. She has broadened her horizons and the songs are more edgy and have more universal appeal. She calls it the “Sarah Darling 2.0 record”. Jimmy Nichols produces the album and Sarah contributes on 10 of the songs, the other 2 being well-known covers. Disc One has 7 full band, full on studio cuts whereas Disc Two is a striped back acoustic offering which gives you a flavour of what you might hear if you had casually walked in on an imitate session. As a song writer who moved to Music City like so many she would take her guitar and play the club scene and open-mic nights. For 3 years she honed her craft looking for a first break.

The sweet country/pop love song ‘Thank you’ has a light as feather beginning with steel (Paul Franklin) and acoustic guitar (Biff Watson) audible. Then it cuts to the chase as the pace quickens with its very modern contemporary production as crunchy electric guitars (Jerry McPherson, Tom Bukovac) and drums (Shawn Fichter) enter the fray. It’s a beautiful world and the heart beats fast when the girl confesses she’s blessed for that once in a lifetime love that’s hit her like a lightning bolt.

Something To Do With Your Hands’ written with Jason Deere (SHedaisy, LeAnn Rimes, Stealing Angels) with it’s finger snaps is a fun, breezy acoustic number. A grateful girl waits for her hard working guy to return, and what a welcome awaits him as Sarah sings: Follow the candles when you walk through the door / Just drop your coat and keys on the floor / Cuz I've been cooking up something so fine / And I just might be wearing something you like. In the video professional wrestler A.J. Stiles plays the cameo role.

The Boy Never Stays‘ written with Josh Osborne and Brandy Clark who co-wrote ‘Cry’ & ‘The Day She Got Divorced’ for Reba McEntire recalls a woman’s thoughts as a love struck teenager. He’s the reason she loves the smell of “Polo and Peppermint” and remembers summer days and matinee’s and lips that taught her how to kiss x. They meet occasionally in her dreams: The boy never stays, and the love never goes

The mid-tempo upbeat ‘Toxic’ is written with her frequent co-writer, Adam Shoenfeld who assists on the album as a co-producer. In this case it would be foolish to return to a relationship that is innately dangerous.

The softly ‘Bad Habit’ gentle flows and with guest Vince Gill singing harmony along with the sensitive accompaniment it makes for delightful musical enjoyment. He also introduced her on stage to make her Grand Old Opry debut when they sang it together on February 26th. This love song is written from the girl’s perspective. She will be there for her guy but she wants his undivided attention – “So light me up
and burn me down
” she sings.

Opposites attract on the gripping ‘Angels & Devils’ - “Why do the good girls always go for the bad boys”. Apparently Sarah did! “Your heart is an involuntary muscle” she says, relating a 7-year back and forth love affair, but it has provided her with a wealth of song material!

Darling offers a slower cover version of the U2 classic ‘With Or Without You’ . Her vocal shines when the production is light of touch but at times as the track builds momentum the raw emotion is in danger of being drowned out when forced to compete.

As we move onto Disc 2 ‘Stop The Bleeding’ with just a piano accompaniment (Jimmy Nichols) showcases Sarah’s vocal control to perfection. Written with Shaunna Bolton and Joe Perreault the intimacy is quite wonderful. It was written a few years ago and earned her a record deal with Black River. As time passes, she toils with heartache and a temptation not to reach out to someone she should never have believed in. The song reaches into you heart with both hands and squeezes hard.

She again sings like an angel on Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s melancholic ‘Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word’ as a steel gentle weeps (Paul Franklin). Producer Jimmy Nichols invents all the sounds on the A Capella version of ‘Something With Your Hands’, but it seems a bit out of place with this tempo.

With piano and cello (Jonathan Yudkin) heartache is revisited once more on ‘Waiting On You’ and is another superb composition. The tables are turned where once she pushed a lover away she is now anxious to win his heart back if he believes she’s changed: And that now I see your arms as my escape, Let me trade your ticket on a rollercoaster, For a ride on a carousel

The delicate and effecting ’I Found You’ is a gorgeous orchestral piece and Sarah puts in a stellar vocal performance as Jimmy Nichols plays a delicate piano and adds a vocal.

Sarah is most certainly one of the darlings of country music’s younger generation. The album is proof that she can, at the flick of a switch, adjust from a commercial country-pop to a more sophisticated sound. I look forward to Sarah Darling 3.0


Matraca Berg - The Dreaming Fields (CD Review)

Matraca Berg - The Dreaming Fields (CD Review)

1. If I Had Wings 2. You and Tequila 3. Racing the Angels 4. Silver and Glass 5. Clouds
6. The Dreaming Fields 7. Oh Cumberland 8. Your Husband's Cheating on Us 9. Fall Again
10. South of Heaven 11. A Cold, Rainy Morning in London in June

Label - Dualtone Music
UPC – 803020153127
Release Date - May 17, 2011
Time - 47:39

A song writing master class

As a songwriter Matraca Berg was at the cornerstone of the 90’s women in country music movement penning career songs for some of country music’s superstars. She is arguably the finest female writer in Music City and was recognised in 2008 when she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.
THE DREAMING FIELDS marks her first solo recording in 14 years, unless you count a limited pre-release edition of SOUTH OF HEAVEN which was made available during Matraca's UK tour with Wine, Women & Song (WW&S) in 2009. The last official album is now something of a lost in ozone gem, SUNDAY MORNING TO SATURDAY NIGHT, from 1997.
Her last label Rising Tide folded in March 1998 at the time of her second single and she took a step back to be with her family and continue to write and demo songs. She had always wanted to release another album when the time was right. It may well though have been prompted by encouragement and a friendly nudge from long-time friend Gretchen Peters and member of the WW&S trio who told her: "I'm gonna get your skinny butt on the road if it's the last thing I do." The trouble was Matraca needed some money spinning merchandise for the gigs.

Berg co-writes on 10 of the tracks and self pens the other. The soulful shuffle ‘If I Had Wings’ written with country siren and accomplished singer/songwriter Jessi Alexander hides some dark and hidden truths. As a rednecks wife she longs for escape from an abusive relationship and wishes she could untie her dreams and head for Memphis. It’s the words that hurt more than the bruises and the emptiness she feels inside is killing her. And it painfully ends in typical country style: We all knew sooner or later/ It was gonna be me or him.

It’s another Tequila sunset as dust kicks up in the canyon wind on Mullholland Drive, as a woman is drawn to and struggles to maintain the LA highlife in the atmospheric ‘You and Tequila’. On this slow paced track the drink is likened to a crazy poison love. Berg co-wrote this with Deana Carter. Together in 1997 ‘Strawberry Wine’ became a #1 hit, their signature tune and most successful single winning Song of the Year at the CMA Awards. Kenny Chesney has just released ‘You And Tequila' as his fourth single from his HEMINGWAY’S WHISKEY album and features folk-rock Grace Potter as the guest vocalist. It’s heading up the charts and currently holds a #15 spot. The origins of the song came after Harlan Howard’s memorial service in March 2002 whom Matraca refers to as the “godfather of songwriters” and “was the standard we held our careers up to, frequently with disappointment”. She remembered as an 18-year old Harlan buying her a first shot of tequila.

The heartbreaking ‘Racing The Angels’ has spiritual overtones co-written in a cabin retreat with WW&S pals Gretchen Peters and Suzy Bogguss who also add some delicious harmonies. It’s just the grace and gravity that keeps the desperate woman away from her departed husband. As a weeping steel and Hammond B3 purr on the mix Berg’s voice breaks on the line: What I’d give to see your face. Her voice radiates emotion and is as outstanding as the words that flow from the pen she writes with.

The self penned and upbeat ‘Silver and Glass’ depicts a young teenage Texan beauty who falls prey to the Hollywood lifestyle. Dreams are shattered as the silver queen goddess succumbs to the drug scene. Berg was inspired to write it after the death of former Texan Playboy Playmate of the Year model Anna Nicole Smith who died, aged 39, in a Hollywood hotel room in 2007 as a result of combined drug intoxication.
The sad ‘Clouds’ written with Gary Nicholson has a decidedly Neil Young ‘Harvest’ feel, an album she listened to whilst in the process of recording. The raindrops from the darkened sky will be like the tears that will surely fall before a relationship forlornly ends.

The melancholic but exceptional ‘The Dreaming Fields’ is in complete contrast to the ‘Strawberry Wine’ days whose writer Gary Harrison she again collaborates with. Bergs voice trembles as she observes the demise of a farm where once her grandfather stood and grew life in the Midwest soil. With its mournful string arrangement tears fall as she recalls each special memory where once wheat swayed and children played carefree. Now houses have sprung up like weeds but thoughts of her late grandmother singing will be her harvest now. Trisha Yearwood has a rendition of the track on her HEAVEN, HEARTACHE, and AND THE POWER OF LOVE album. She is someone who recorded many of Bergs compositions most notably XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl), ‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Lying to the Moon’ and the brilliant the ‘Wrong Side of Memphis’. In this instance the songwriters own take is wonderfully honest and every line sung is fused with anguish.

Oh Cumberland’ (see video) is given a fresh treatment and was previously covered by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band when it showed up on the 2002 Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Volume III album. Their lead singer and Bergs husband Jeff Hanna again joins on lead and harmony. Berg who was born in Nashville writes of the devotion of the river that flows through Music City: My Heart’s resting on your banks in Tennessee - but then loneliness can get lost its wide expanse.

The swampy ‘Your Husband's Cheating on Us’ is based on a short story from the book “Final Vinyl Days and Other Stories by American novelist Jill McCorkle and is therefore given a writing credit on this track. Matraca and co-writer Marshall Chapman were so amused by it they decided to compose this song. Berg plays the role of a bitter mistress confronting her lover’s wife who she first confides in and then dangerously plots the demise of the man who’s now fallen into the arms of another younger woman. They give the cyanide and hit man a miss and go for the Polaroid’s instead!
There’s something of a Bobby Gentry and Loretta Lynn sprinkled in this music cocktail which features Dan Dugmore (lap steel), Mike Brignardello (upright bass), Reese Wynans (Hammond B3) with Jonathan Yudkin providing the string arrangement.

A woman wallows in the loneliness and wishes she could open a new chapter in her book to relight a fire and fall madly in love again, as a cello moans (Odessa Jorgenson) on the bittersweet ‘Fall Again’, written with Mary Steenburgen.

On the antiwar but masterful ballad ‘South of Heaven’ were standing at a funeral and observing the mourners, a 21 gun salute and the cathedral bells chime in an astonishing non-preachy and beautiful heartfelt tribute to the soldiers that have fallen in the War On Terror era. We hear trademark guitar licks by co-producer Doug Lancio with the WW&S gals again adding harmony as soft drum beats (John Gardner) – “Hear the weeping, Hear them kneel, South of heaven, North of hell
With Bergs opening piano chords and the ambience created by David Henry (cello) and Chris Charmichael (viola), ‘A Cold, Rainy Morning in London in June’ will have you reaching for the ol’ Kleenex from the box. A song, that reminds me of the Matraca ‘Back When You Were Beautiful’ days. She is not just a songwriter but a true poet. Here as droplets fall from the roses in the Kensington flowerbeds thoughts turn from the loss of Princess Di to the homesickness the Nashville songstress feels for the city of dreams.

We have missed hearing the crystalline vocal and the way she depicts the human experience like few others can - Matraca Berg marks her return with another songwriting master class.


Eliza Gilkyson - Roses At The End of Time (CD Review)

Eliza Gilkyson - Roses At The End of Time (CD Review)

1. Blue Moon Night 2. Death in Arkansas 3. Looking for a Place 4. Roses at the End of Time
5. Slouching Towards Bethlehem 6. Belle of the Ball 7. Vayan al Norte
9. Midnight on Raton 10. Once I Had a Home

Label – Red House Records
Release Date – 3 May 2011
Time – 47:39

Eliza Gilkyson has said her vision regarding music is also “to make great art”, and on this 10-track recording, and the follow up to her 2008 Beautiful World she continues to succeed. Artistic creativity is rife throughout ROSES AT THE END OF TIME from the Austin Music Hall of Fame inductee, who is now in her early sixties. This is her 8th project with Red House Records since joining the label in 2000. Her son, Cisco Ryder who plays a variety of instruments also acts as the projects engineer and producer and is credited with the cover art. The production is first rate and perfectly compliments Gilkysons vocals and cultured lyrics, with songs which are mostly mood pieces with a late-night vibe. They are edgy, thought provoking and compelling with large slices of social commentary.

The airy and slow paced ‘Blue Moon Night’ creates a comforting atmosphere as day settles into night. The construction is simple, spacious but beautifully textured. Away from the safety of home perhaps it points to a vulnerability of being out in the big wide world following the lost of love.

With the fiddle and banjo ‘Death In Arkansas’ has an old-time feel and is composed by her brother Tony Gilkyson. It features folk stable mates John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky with whom she recorded the Red Horse album, a project which finds them recording each other songs. Eliza feels a love for natural world with the opening line: “I remember how the wood would smell just as the last great tree was felled” and lists the materials many uses in a country environment including a coffin that leans against a wall. It sets a cinematic southern farm scene, where once a lone dog howled on a red dirt road and a crowd gather to say final goodbyes. The last dollar store and its owner are now no more and the birds in the fields have sadly vanished to become a patchwork of concrete and shopping malls. The howls and the crows will again call when death returns.

Looking For a Place’ is an upbeat rockier country affair and has radio possibilities. Here the character is a “wanderin’ fool burning fossil fuel” with the smell of despair in the air trying to hold onto a dream. Looking at the faces from the stage through the dark the singer’s mindset is on finding sanctuary to crash and fall apart.

The achingly beautiful and floaty ‘Roses at the End of Time is a soulful love song where joy and sorrow are evenly balanced. In the gentle final hour there’s a blessing for the fate that first brought a lover to her door and she’s thankful for the kindness, vows honoured and a love that bound their hearts.
The quirky, jazzy ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’ features Sumner Erickson (tuba) and some menacing slide guitar work. The titles words are drawn from the poem ‘The Second Coming’ by non-believer W.B Yeats (1865-1929) written in 1919 after the Great War when the Irishman saw a world in pandemonium. The Second Coming is not that of Christ as promised in the Bible and according to In the Book of Revelation returning after a period of catastrophic destruction before the world ends. It is not however not to be gentle Jesus but that of a “rough beast”: That twenty centuries of stony sleep / Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle / And what rough beast, its hour come round at last / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
Gilkyson perceives a world in anarchy, moral decay and on the verge of economic bankruptcy. With all the current political upheavals and uncertainties these perceptions she holds have even greater intrinsic worth – “People get ready cos’ it won’t be long for the hurricane”

Belle Of The Ball’ is a rather mysterious tale. It perhaps relates to something sinister with its opening line: “After the crash and the broken glass and the nightmare.....I wanted to end it all “Later the damsel in distress is seen recovering at a halfway house. The onlooker rooted to land helplessly watches her sail out into the sunset – Will they ever meet and dance again?

The Spanish flavoured ‘Vayan al Norte’ (They go to the north) speaks of illegal immigrants and Gilkyson shows her personal compassion for their hopes and the struggles they endure. Observers downtown do not ask why they abandoned farms to cross the barbwire frontier taking gambles to seek work. Eliza played Vayan al Norte at the Vigil & Hunger/Thirst Strike for Justice in Austin. Its organizers (The Workers Defense Project) are asking City Council to pass an ordinance to guarantee construction workers the right to rest breaks and clean drinking water.

We are transported in time on ‘2153’ to the humans of the future where “brains are quite large for their bodies” and they “bought and they fought and they twittered”. As doomsday looms close in the “last big play” each one calls out for a different God, but it’s all in vain.

Undoubted highlight ‘Midnight On Raton’ has a gorgeous melody and is wonderfully atmospheric. On this slow, dark and broody number Texan cult musician Townes Van Zandt gets a name-check. Holed up in a motel the character seems lost and lonely and trying to make sense of a cruel world. By dawn she’ll be out on the inner state, through the hills and gone.

Eliza’s vocals have a haunting quality on the hymn-like ‘Once I Had A Home’. A slow plodder but rather hypnotic as the lyrical intrigue penetrates the mind as we draw the final curtain.

This album is sophisticated and an acquired taste. With its cleverly composed songs though they can be somewhat unfathomable and melancholic and it makes for living room listening. Pause, take a time out, and smell the roses then turn on the iTunes before you step out into the herd.




“Dirt Road Anthem” Spends Fifth Consecutive Week
as Top Selling Ringtone in All Genres

Nashville, Tenn. – June 23, 2011 – Country rocker Jason Aldean’s PLATINUM certified album MY KINDA PARTY has earned the No. one position on Billboard’s Country Albums chart this week for the 10th time this year and remains the best selling country album of 2011 so far.

While MY KINDA PARTY holds strong on the albums chart, the album’s current Top 10 single “Dirt Road Anthem” simultaneously claims the top spot on the all-genre ringtone chart for the fifth consecutive week and on the Country Digital Singles chart. To date, the track has sold over 977,000 digital downloads of its original version and recent remix featuring Ludacris combined.

Aldean’s fan-favorite track “Dirt Road Anthem” is the third single off MY KINDA PARTY, which has already spawned two smash hits (“Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelly Clarkson and "My Kinda Party”).  The album hit big out of the gate, setting a record as the highest first week debut by a male artist in four years, and the now PLATINUM disc has remained planted at the top of the charts since its Nov. release.  
For more information and a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit



Includes Cameos with Grand Ole Opry Members Blake Shelton, Marty Roe, Troy Gentry, and Legends Jim Ed Brown and Little Jimmy Dickens

Nashville, Tenn. – June 23, 2011 – Grand Ole Opry Member Craig Morgan is offering viewers a behind the scenes look at the annual Opry Duck Hunt in the first episode of season two of “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,” which debuts on June 25, 2011 on Outdoor Channel.

“Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” throws open the doors on the country superstar’s life – both on stage and in the field.For the first time in its 40-year history, Craig Morgan will reveal a behind the scenes look at what happens at the annual Opry Duck Hunt in Mississippi.  Opry members Blake Shelton, Diamond Rio’s Marty Roe, Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry; Opry Legends Jim Ed Brown and Little Jimmy Dickens; plus the show’s host, Craig Morgan, all make an appearance in the first episode.

Viewers can catch Craig every Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. (EST) on Outdoor Channel. Check local listings or log on to to find out how to get the network in your area.

ABOUT CRAIG MORGAN:One of country music’s best-loved artists, Craig Morgan has made a name for himself with massive radio airplay of his signature hits:  “Bonfire,” “Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester. Craig received one of country music’s highest honors when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. In addition to his career as a Country Music superstar, Craig is also a celebrated TV personality as the host of “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” every Saturday morning on The Outdoor Channel. Prior to becoming a country music and TV sensation, Craig Morgan spent over 10 years of active duty in the Army and additional years in the Army Reserves. He is an avid supporter of America’s military personnel and a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award. For more information on Craig Morgan, please visit or follow him on Twitter @cmorganmusic.

Stealing Angels European Tour


Performers to embark on the “Homecoming Tour”
throughout Iraq and Kuwait July 9-19

Nashville, TN...(June 23, 2011)... The United States Forces Iraq J-1 Entertainment Office and Lone Wolf Entertainment are proud to announce that country music group Stealing Angels and rock band Toy, along with lead singer Alana Grace, will be making their inaugural visit to entertain U.S. troops stationed overseas as part of the “Homecoming Tour.”   Stealing Angels’ Tayla, Caroline, and Jennifer, along with Toy, will be performing for service members stationed in Iraq and Kuwait, from July 9th through July 19th.  The visit will be one of the last tours of its kind as troops are scheduled to withdraw by the end of the year.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to visit our troops overseas.  Their sacrifice in immeasurable and we love that we are able to give something back," says Caroline Cutbirth of Stealing Angels.

"I love rock ‘n’ roll and I love rocking out onstage," says Grace. "I’m so excited to rock out for our troops again and share my new music!"

ABOUT STEALING ANGELS:Caroline Cutbirth, Jennifer Wayne, and Tayla Lynn are STEALING ANGELS.  In case any of their last names sound familiar…they should! These young women are descended from American icons, including country great Loretta Lynn, film legend John Wayne and American folk hero Daniel Boone. But it is their music, not their background that promises to make their names as well known as their famous families.  The debut album from Stealing Angels is expected to release this fall. To learn more about Stealing Angels, visit and follow them on twitter @StealingAngels.

ABOUT TOY:  Having already earned acclaim for her solo career - highlighted by the hit single, “Black Roses Red” from the film Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Alana Grace is taking a remarkable turn with her extraordinary new band, TOY.  Inspired by such artists as MuteMath, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Muse, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, musician and performer is forging an altogether different sonic path, fusing dynamic hard rock with an electronic edge.  Grace is planning a fall release and  tour for TOY.  Fan's can get a preview of Grace's new sound this summer at Summerfest, the San Diego Fair and Ventura Fair.  For more information visit

CMA Music Festival, PSA, Photo Shoot, New Music – All in a Week’s Work For STEPHEN COCHRAN PROJECT!

CMA Music Festival, PSA, Photo Shoot, New Music – All in a Week’s Work For STEPHEN COCHRAN PROJECT!

Nashville, TN (June 23, 2011) – Earlier this month, Drive Music Nashville’s Stephen Cochran Project (SCP) wrapped up a successful 2011 CMA Music Festival / 40th Fan Fair! Stephen Cochran Project kicked off the week riding in the CMA Music Festival Kickoff Parade. The week continued with SCP logging in six shows in three days – including a fan club party and two after parties.

SCP’s Stephen Cochran also filmed the Blue Star Families “This Country Cares” PSA on Friday. Cochran closed out the week with his favorite part of CMA Music Festival – meeting fans in the Fan Fair ® Hall on Sunday. "My favorite part of every CMA Music Festival is getting to spend time with the true fans. Our touring schedule doesn't let me go everywhere. The CMA Music Festival experience lets me share time with fans from here and abroad. It always amazes and humbles me to see the amount of fans we have gathered over the years. Our drive is to keep making music that keeps them coming back every year!"

"The CMA Festival is something I've enjoyed as a fan and as an artist. It helped me know how a fan wants and deserves to be treated. At the end of the day the fan is our boss, and we should do everything in our power as artists to make them feel that way."

Immediately following one of his booth signings, Cochran took off running to the Chevrolet Sonic 360 Booth, where he had everyone laughing in stitches as he jumped into an impromptu photo shoot. Upon arrival at the booth, he was promptly handed an outfit, which he happily donned for photos. Minutes after, his photo was made into a rotating 360 video image and shown on the booth’s large screen television. Rotating image can be seen here:

Cochran shares how this photo shoot has become a tradition: “A few years ago at the CMA Festival Fan Fair Hall, a few of my best friends – Kelli, Amy and Brandi – had an idea to take photos at the Chevy booth. It has been three years now, and we have made it a tradition to make the funniest photos possible. I think the 2011 picture takes the cake!"

Despite losing his voice, getting to spend time with fans and sharing his music with them makes the week’s frenzy of activities all worth it for Cochran. "The band and I definitely left everything out there at this year’s CMA Music Festival. Six shows in three days, followed by signing over 2,000 autographs, it’s the least we can do for the people who made my dreams and my life possible." He adds, "If it was up to me I would sign autographs so long it would make Garth Brook's hand hurt!"

With another CMA Music Festival behind him, Cochran turns his focus back to creating music. "We’re back to doing what we have been all year: recording, recording, recording. We have a new album coming soon. I've been writing and arranging like a mad man! We have some great songs to still be laid down and an active tour schedule. We’re just trying to do it all.” He continues, “We have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time, so it’s on! No doubt the country boy Marine in me has stepped it up!"

Stephen Cochran’s CMA Music Festival Photo Recap:

Stephen Cochran at Cadillac Ranch! (Photo credit: Julie Phillips)

Six shows in three days – that’s rockin’ it Stephen Cochran Project style! (Photo credit: Julie Phillips)

Cochran dons a costume for an impromptu photo shoot. (Photo credit: Estella Pan)

Suited up for the photo shoot! (Photo credit: Estella Pan)

For all the latest news on Stephen Cochran Project, please visit

23.06.2011: CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland

Irma: Single: I Know


Single: I Know
VÖ: 26.08.2011

Ihre Geschichte liest sich schon jetzt wie ein wirkliches Popmärchen, obwohl sie noch gar nicht richtig begonnen hat: 2003 kommt die damals erst 15jährige Irma ins große, aufregende, schillernde Paris, um ihre Schulausbildung zu beenden. Schon früh zeichnete sich das enorme Talent ab, welches auch heute noch die Aura und die besondere Anziehungskraft der exotischen Singer/ Songwriterin ausmacht. Paris, die Stadt der Liebe, aber auch die Stadt der Musik, die Irma sofort begann, in sich aufzusaugen: Camille, Michael Jackson und die Jackson 5, aber auch Cat Power, die Fugees und Queen. Der Start in ein ganz neues Leben, wie das autodidaktische Multitalent heute mit ihrer ersten Single „I Know“ aus dem Debütalbum „Letter To The Lord“ eindrucksvoll demonstriert.
Biffy Clyro: Album: Revolutions - Live At Wembley

Biffy Clyro

Album: Revolutions - Live At Wembley
VÖ: 24.06.2011

Revolutions // Live At Wembley bildet den gesamten Verlauf von BIFFY CLYROs Bandkarriere ab und enthält ihre wichtigsten Songs – angefangen vom Fan-Favoriten „57“ von ihrer Debüt-EP bis hin zu allen Singles ihres aktuellen Erfolgsalbums Only Revolutions. In Anlehnung an die klassischen Live-Alben der 70er enthält das 90-minütige Set auch zahlreiche weitere Klassiker ihres Back-Katalogs wie zum Beispiel „Saturday Superhouse“, „Folding Stars“ und „Glitter and Trauma“. Zusätzlich zur 19 Tracks starken CD enthält Revolutions // Live At Wembley auch einen DVD-Mitschnitt jener Show, einen Kommentar der gesamten Band und eine Dokumentation der letztjährigen „T in the Park“-Show mit dem Titel „Only Reflections“. Zudem wird das Album auch in zwei erweiterten Versionen veröffentlicht: als 2CD/DVD-Set mit sechs zusätzlichen Songs sowie als besondere Collector’s Edition in einer Metall-Box.
Joshua Radin: Single: I Missed You

Joshua Radin

Single: I Missed You
VÖ: 05.08.2011

Besser spät als nie – dachte sich auch JOSHUA RADIN, kaufte sich nach dem College seine erste Gitarre, brachte sich selbst das Spielen bei und verarbeitet seither alles, was ihn bewegt, in seiner wunderschönen Musik. Was lernen wir daraus? Es ist nie zu spät, eine neue Leidenschaft zu entdecken und sich seine eigenen Träume zu erfüllen – man muss nur fest daran glauben und hart dafür arbeiten! Träumen ist ohnehin ein gutes Stichwort für das, was die elektrisierenden Akustik-Folk-Songs des 37-jährigen Amerikaners, der den Hörer mit seiner gefühlvollen Flüsterstimme in den Bann zieht und dafür in den Medien gerne mit Genre-Größen wie Nick Drake und Elliott Smith verglichen wird, auszulösen vermögen. Bestes Beispiel dafür: das sommerlich-frische I Missed You, das als Lead-Single seines dritten Albums The Rock And The Tide fungiert und zeitgleich mit diesem am 5. August in Deutschland erscheint.
„The first time I met her I started feeling better... Now she’s my everything, the reason why I sing. She turns my winter into spring“, schwärmt RADIN von der Dame seines Herzens, die auch als Muse für seine musikalischen Glanztaten entlarvt. Ein traumhaft mitreißender Song, der das Potenzial zum Sommerhit hat, mit seinem beschwingten Beat und unwiderstehlichen Mitsumm-Chorus jedem Hörer ein fröhliches Grinsen über das Gesicht zaubert und jedes winterliche Gemüt mit wärmenden Sonnenstrahlen überzieht. Oft ist es eben die auf den Punkt gebrachte Reduziertheit eines Songs, die diesen zu etwas Besonderem werden lässt – eine Disziplin, in der sich kaum jemand so gut versteht wie JOSHUA RADIN, der, nur mit seiner Gitarre und betörenden Stimme bewaffnet, mehr Gefühlsrezeptoren beim Hörer anspricht als manch eine laut tobende Rockband.
Various Artists: Album: WM Rockparty 2011

Various Artists

Album: WM Rockparty 2011
VÖ: 24.06.2011

Anpfiff zur Rock-Party! Am 26. Juni startet die FIFA Frauenfußball-Weltmeisterschaft, während der die deutsche Elf ihren Meistertitel verteidigen wird, den sie 2007 zum zweiten Mal in Folge nach Hause gebracht hat. Keine Frage: Unsere Frauen rocken! In diesem Jahr haben sie lauter Heimspiele vor sich, denn die WM wird in Deutschland ausgetragen, und ARD und ZDF werden alle Spiele live übertragen! Sämtliche Spiele sind schon jetzt restlos ausverkauft, und unser Lieblingsteam  braucht natürlich unsere volle Unterstützung und unsere ganze Begeisterung. Damit wir von vornherein in die richtige Stimmung kommen und unsere Mädels mit aller Kraft anfeuern können, gibt es mit der WM ROCKPARTY 2011 nun den definitiven Abfeier-Soundtrack zum mitrocken: 42 Superhits auf zwei CDs, eine erstklassige Auswahl an Songs, die niemanden auf der Ersatzbank sitzen lassen!
Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH

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