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Hello fellow players,

Several subjects I want to touch on today.  First off, I�m writing this on June 21st.  Ever heard of Solstice?  We�re having it today.  The longest day of year, the first day of summer and the day I celebrate my birthday.  I was actually born on December 21st, but that date is always cold, gloomy and snowy along with being the shortest day of the year.

So I changed my birthday several years ago and enjoy June 21st much better than December 21st.  I guess I could call it my birthday and a half.  My parents could never figure it out.  I remember telling my father how disappointed I was having my real birthday so close to Christmas.  He acted really hurt as if the whole thing was planned anyway.

He always said the pregnancy was planned, but nothing was really planned in my life after that, so I ended up doing all the planning ever since myself.  The day I was born there was a screaming blizzard coming out of Canada across Lake Erie and the only steel guitar player at my birth was my Uncle Doug.

My mother had a log book of who showed up at the hospital with a gift and as important as that day was to me, it sure was a miserable day, but being the shortest day of the year, it didn�t really last too long.  It was a year before the Japanese flew to Pearl Harbor and another six months after that before the battle of Midway where we turned the war around by sinking four of their carriers.

My father was in the middle of it and was assigned as a musician on the battleship Indiana where he spent a good part of the war.

Now let�s get up to current events like George Jones or his wife Nancy firing their steel player of 28 years, Tommy Killen.  Tommy is a wonderful person and as good a player as a road band could ever want.  Nancy and George wanted the entire band to sign a confidentiality agreement and not let out any band secrets.

Two of the band members wouldn�t sign, so they were promptly released from their duties.  The piano player, Kent Goodson, a very wonderful player with a great personality along with being a wonderful singer was one of my employees when I was band leader for Stan Hitchcock at Twitty City in 1984.  When he left us, he went to work with George.  I�m sure he did a lot to be as good an employee for George as he was for Stan and I.

I have to question this decision.  However, steel guitarist and great friend Van Coffee was hired to replace Tommy and I�m sure he will do a good job, as his playing will fit George very well.  Also Van is an excellent bus driver.  The funny this is, he wasn�t even looking for a steel guitar job when this one popped up.  That�s the way it works in Nashville.  You gotta be here to get a job and it seems like most of the time, it�s kind of luck when you do.

Somebody mentioned hearing me and loving what I did on the early Mickey Newberry albums.  We recording these at Cinderella Studios in Madison.  We did almost everything on the first take, no track stacking, punching in, over dubbing or anything other than the song comes by and you just play it.

This does not include the tracks that Weldon Myrick and I did where we stacked several tracks of fuzz tone to simulate violin parts which Weldon being the senior player, worked out for me to follow.  Weldon and Mickey were very great to work with and his great projects circled the world upon completion of the albums.

Mickey worked very, very hard to come up with the great songs he wrote, like Heaven Help The Child, She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye, I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In and many other great songs that we turned into hits.  Mickey was a wonderful friend I will always miss.  

His writing made me think about steel guitar players that are wanting to be better players.  This is something you have to work very hard at to do well, work continuously and think about all the time.  But then that�s the secret to doing anything you do.  If it�s worth doing, it�s worth doing right.

I remember when I�d go to Mickey�s house he was always writing down weird funny things that I was saying.  I was always trying to be funny and just generally being a wise guy.  He never had that notebook far from his hands and when I�d ask him what he was doing, he�d say, �Those are good thoughts you�re saying and I can possibly use them in something coming up.�

I said, �Do you do this often?�

He said, �I always have a loose leaf notebook close at hand, even watching commercials on television.  I take my ideas wherever I can get them.�

I said, �Well I guess that�s where American Trilogy came from.�  

He said, �I actually wrote that song because you told me I�d never get away with it.  I just wanted to show you that I could and would.  It was the idea of putting these songs together where I won.  The songs of course were already written and everybody knew them well.�

I kept thinking he�d never get away with it, but when Elvis recorded it, it sold a half a million and I realized Mickey knew more about writing songs than I did.

So if you want to be a great steel guitar player, work hard, think out of the box and never stop learning.  That�s why I�ve created so many teaching videos and studio tracks for you to learn from and practice playing along with.  Take advantage of these tools.

If you�re a good steel player and play commercial, you�ll be successful if you work hard.

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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Release Day Performance And Special Visitors Humble Performer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 23, 2011)—Multi-platinum country music artist Mark Wills premiered his new album LOOKING FOR AMERICA with two special events on release day, June 21, 2011. The celebration schedule included an Opry in-store appearance where he visited with fans to personally sign the new album; the CD flew off the shelves—selling out. Following the in-store event, Mark Wills stepped out to take the historic stage of the Grand Ole Opry to play some of the tracks, a few for the very first time.

It was a wonderful day to bring my new music to fans,’” Wills explains. “I am incredibly thankful for the support of Country music fans who came out to visit with me at the signing and traveled to watch my Opry performance.”

Wills went on to actualize a promise made to several wounded servicemen; earlier this year, Mark was introduced to three soldiers whose Blackhawk helicopter crashed in ­­­­­­Iraq, one of whom is in a wheelchair as a result. After a spring show in Missouri, Mark played them “Crazy Being Home” and they were very emotional. He told them that the first time he played it live at the Opry he would invite them.
At the Opry show, the three men hung out backstage with Mark who then brought them out on stage to introduce them to the audience. All three thousand in attendance gave them a standing ovation for their service to the United States. Wills then played “Crazy Being Home” which had an amazing reaction and led to another standing ovation.

“I wish all our returning service men and women could have experienced the appreciation and love the audience gave them,” Mark Wills reveals. “I am humbled by their service and sacrifice. I’ve said before that I was compelled to record ‘Crazy Being Home’ and tonight reinforced that conviction. I hope everyone hears this song and understands how important our ability to give back to those that defend our freedoms truly is.”

LOOKING FOR AMERICA (distributed by Gracie Productions) features both the title cut (moving up the country charts at radio now) and the USA Cares Warrior Treatment Today campaign song, “Crazy Being Home” (

With a tenure that spans over 15 years in country music, Mark Wills is well-known in the industry for his philanthropy and honest “good ol’ boy” attitude. During his career, Wills has had two Number 1’s, “Wish You Were Here” and "19 Somethin’,'" and nearly ten Top 10 singles including "Jacob's Ladder," "Places I've Never Been," "I Do (Cherish You)," "Don't Laugh At Me," "She's in Love" and a cover version of Brian McKnight's "Back At One."

For more information on Mark Wills’ LOOKING FOR AMERICA and the “Crazy Being Home” campaign, visit: /or/

Pictured: TOP(from L to R) Andrew Cleek, Brant Edwards & Trevor Baucom
               BOTTOM: Mark Wills thanks the gentlemen after performing "Crazy Being Home."
Photo Credit: Kelly McGlohon 

This One's For Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark

This One's For Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark
to be released November 1, 2011
Loving tribute celebrates Clark's 70th birthday
Double CD set includes recordings by Rodney Crowell, Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely, Shawn Colvin, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris & John Prine, Patty Griffin, Ron Sexsmith, Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle, Vince Gill, Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Earl Keen, and more.
Produced by Tamara Saviano and Shawn Camp
June 22, 2011
Houston's Icehouse Music will release This One's For Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark on November 1, 2011 to celebrate Clark's 70th birthday.  Clark was born in Monahans, Texas on November 6, 1941.
Lovingly produced by Tamara Saviano—who is also working with Clark on his definitive biography—and frequent Clark co-writer Shawn Camp, the tribute includes 30 tracks by 33 Americana artists who are friends and colleagues of Clark or who have been influenced by his remarkable compositions. The collection was mixed and mastered by Austin engineer Fred Remmert. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Center for Texas Music History at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.
Guy Clark’s poetry resonates deeply with his fellow songwriters.

“Guy’s songs are literature,” says Lyle Lovett, among the venerable artists who eagerly gathered for This One’s For Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark. “The first time I heard Guy Clark, I thought it made everything I’d heard up to that point something other than a song. His ability to translate the emotional into the written word is extraordinary.”

Accordingly, Clark’s most vibrant (“Instant Coffee Blues”) and vivid vignettes (“Desperadoes Waiting for a Train”) reel with cinematic landscapes (“The Last Gunfighter Ballad,” “The Cape”). Novellas frequently unfold within minutes (“Better Days,” “She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”).

Clark’s singular storytelling chills with striking familiarity (“The Dark”). “Songs are like Japanese painting,” he explains. “Less is more. One brushstroke takes the place of many if you put it in the right place. I’m trying to get whoever is listening to think, ‘Oh, man, I was there. I did that. I know what that’s about.’ Too many details take away.” Clark’s add volumes. Remember that old blue shirt? Mad Dog margarita? June bug on the window screen?

Of course, our passions forever burn brighter for the flour sack cape. Few capture courage as timelessly.  “Guy Clark is a like dancer with the way he talks and a photographer with the way he writes,” noted Texas indie artist Terri Hendrix says. “He’s the epitome of American songwriting.”

Clark’s watercolor imagery blueprints his legend, but generosity ultimately cements his legacy. For four decades, the longtime Nashville resident, whose own Grammy-nominated Somedays the Song Writes You (2009) soars as seamlessly as his hallmark debut Old No. 1 (1975), has cultivated songwriting talent enthusiastically. His matchless eye yields high dividends: Americana royalty Shawn Camp, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Vince Gill and Lovett barely begin the list he’s given sea legs. Young writers today immediately earn credibility with his stamp.

“Guy is the king in a lot of ways,” says rising songwriter Hayes Carll, who has split pages in the storied basement workshop where Clark writes and builds guitars. “I think everybody who was around Guy learned a lot from him and I think the entire music world is indebted to him for what he taught other writers. Everybody who had a chance to learn from him came away a better writer. He gave me a shot before I deserved one.” As friends say, Clark’s a curator, a creative caretaker. He celebrates high watermarks that others achieve.

This One’s for Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark returns the favor. Artists brought two key instruments: a guitar and profound reverence. Individual investments quickly emerged.  Perhaps most notably, Gill claims a haunting bond. “Giant tears were falling all over my guitar as we were playing,” the country star remembers about serving as guitarist on Clark’s original “Randall Knife” recording nearly thirty years ago. “My dad was a lawyer, and he died when I was forty. Guy and I are tied at the hip through that song.”
“Let’s give her a good go and make ol’ Guy proud of us…” said Rodney Crowell kicking off the collection on the first day as he readied to record "That Old Time Feeling." The double CD set was recorded live in studio with a core house band that included multi-instrumentalist Shawn Camp, guitarist Verlon Thompson, & pianist Jen Gunderman.  The tribute was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas with a rotating cast of other musicians including multi-instrumentalist Lloyd Maines, bass players Glenn Fukunaga, Mike Bub and Glenn Worf, and drummers Kenny Malone and Larry Atamanuik.
Folks mostly laughed throughout the sessions. Swapped stories. Enjoyed company. Picked and grinned like those dusky evenings over at Guy and Susanna’s near Old Hickory Lake in the 1970s. Fittingly, Crowell issued our collective mission statement the very first day. We think you’ll agree everyone succeeded.
Volume 1

1.    That Old Time Feeling – Rodney Crowell
2.    Anyhow I Love You – Lyle Lovett
3.    All He Wants Is You – Shawn Colvin
4.    Homeless – Shawn Camp
5.    Broken Hearted People – Ron Sexsmith
6.    Better Days – Rosanne Cash
7.    Desperadoes Waiting For A Train – Willie Nelson
8.    Baby Took A Limo To Memphis – Rosie Flores
9.    Magdalene – Kevin Welch
10.    Instant Coffee Blues – Suzy Bogguss
11.    Homegrown Tomatoes – Ray Wylie Hubbard
12.    Let Him Roll – John Townes Van Zandt II
13.    The Guitar – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
14.    Cold Dog Soup – James McMurtry
15.    Worry B Gone – Hayes Carll

Volume 2

1.    Dublin Blues – Joe Ely
2.    Magnolia Wind – Emmylou Harris & John Prine
3.    The Last Gunfighter Ballad – Steve Earle
4.    All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad – Verlon Thompson
5.    The Dark – Terri Hendrix
6.    LA Freeway – Radney Foster
7.    The Cape – Patty Griffin
8.    Hemingway’s Whiskey – Kris Kristofferson
9.    Texas Cookin’ – Gary Nicholson, Darrell Scott & Tim O’Brien
10.    Stuff That Works – Jack Ingram
11.    Randall Knife – Vince Gill
12.    Texas 1947 – Robert Earl Keen
13.    Old Friends – Terry Allen
14.    She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – The Trishas
15.    My Favorite Picture of You – Jerry Jeff Walker


* * *
Maren Morris Voted “Best Female Vocalist” Five Years In A Row by Fort Worth Weekly

Maren Morris Upcoming Tour Schedule

Sunday, June 26  5pm
Ft. Worth Weekly Music  Awards
Ft. Worth, TX

Monday, June 27  9pm
The Wild Rooster Bar
Ft. Worth, TX

Thursday, June 30 9pm
Lola’s Sixth
Ft. Worth, TX

Sunday, July 3  8pm
White Elephant Bar
Ft. Worth, TX

Saturday, July 9 8pm
Private Show
Corpus Christi, TX

Thursday, July 14th  8pm
8.0 Restaurant and Bar – KXT 91.7 Concerts in the Square
Ft. Worth TX

Friday, July 29  6pm
Coopers BBQ- 95.9 The Ranch – Friday Afternoon Club
Ft. Worth TX

Sunday, July 31  6pm
Ranch Roadhouse – 106.9 – 107.1 The Ranch LIVE BROADCAST
Ft. Worth  TX

Saturday, September 17  8pm
Grease Monkey
Arlington, TX

Maren Morris ( relates to folk musicians/singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin in the most graceful way. But it doesn’t stop there. Maren’s country roots and indie spirit have forged a unique alchemy of sound beyond the confines of preset genre molds. No wonder Fort Worth Weekly, who called Maren a “tiny Texas hurricane of blue-eyed soul”, voted the diminutive songstress the Best Female Vocalist 5 years in a row. She doesn’t use the term “cross-over” although that’s what it is. She’s more likely to say she’s very excited that multiple audiences have found her work relatable. In March 2011, Maren Morris released her 3rd album, Live Wire.

Maren has stretched her wings playing France’s Equiblues Festival in 2008 & 2010.  She’s toured the UK, worked along side David Foster and Paul Williams to assist musically inclined youth hone their songwriting skills for the Grammy Foundation’s Grammy Camp. She played Summerfest in 2006, America’s largest outdoor music festival, along with Heart, Social Distortion and Roger Waters. Her many achievements have brought her to this stellar nexus. If you loved her #1 hit single “All That it Takes”, you’re really going to love the new album, Live Wire.

Live Wire is a celebration of firsts:  the first time Maren collaborated, the first album where she plays piano, the first time she experimented with analog synthesizer and other unique instrumentations. Even the inspiring artwork on this album represents another first, and a special connection. Really, it’s all nothing short of beautiful.

When asked which of her songs is her favorite, she answers, “It’s always the last one I’ve written. Always.”

Maren Morris’ band consists of herself and Taylor Tatsch , plus Graham Smith and Blaine Crews.



(L-R): Birmingham Mayor, William Bell; Kate Nielsen, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham; Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry, Randy Owen, ALABAMA; David Smith and Jeff Mango, Verizon
Nashville, TN – (June 22, 2011) –“BAMA RISING: A Benefit Concert for Alabama Tornado Recovery”, presented by Verizon, hosted by ALABAMA, entertained a sold-out crowd on June 14th at Birmingham’s BJCC Arena during the nearly six-hour concert that featured 19 of today’s top entertainers.  The event raised over $2.1 million which will be used for tornado recovery through the Bama Rising Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.  In addition to the monies raised through sponsorship, ticket sales, merchandise, auction items and texting, Dave Matthews underwrote the expenses of the event and Brad Paisley donated the production.  “Bama Rising” was presented & produced by AEG Live/The Messina Group, Red Mountain Entertainment and Red Light Management. Corporate sponsors include Verizon, PCI Gaming, Birmingham Auto Dealers Association, Coca-Cola, Bravado, Zeekee Interactive, Bill Young Productions, Tour Design and Ticketmaster. The BJCC Arena also donated a portion of their normal charges.
The benefit pulled together an All Star cast of top entertainers that truly left the crowd in a frenzy of excitement after every performance.  From the opening set by concert hosts and organizers, ALABAMA, including the Holy Trinity Children’s Choir and the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, the crowd was treated to outstanding performances by Rodney Atkins, Dierks Bentley, Bo Bice, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Luke Bryan, Sheryl Crow, Sara Evans, Taylor Hicks, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Montgomery Gentry, David Nail, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, Darius Rucker, Ashton Shepherd and The Commodores, including an all sing finale that had the sold-out room singing along to every note.
Kate Nielsen, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, philanthropic partner with Bama Rising through the Bama Rising Fund of the Community Foundation: “We are thrilled at the total shared today by the organizers of Bama Rising. This is phenomenal for our citizens. We look forward to working as part of the advisory committee for the Bama Rising Fund in distributing these dollars to support tornado survivors across our state as they rebuild their lives. As part of our overall efforts in tornado recovery locally and across Alabama, we have already been working with existing and new Long Term Recovery Committees in every affected county to gain on-the-ground information about what is needed.”
ALABAMA said, “We are here to help our neighbors, and we are doing that tonight.  We are so blessed to be able to bring this amount of talent into one room to help raise funds and entertain the people of Alabama.”  Other artists were just as humbled by the experience.
“This is indescribable, country music fans are so loyal and so generous” – Little Big Town
“We’ll bend a little bit but we won’t break. We all pull together in time of need” – Montgomery Gentry
In summary of the event the following quote is from a survivor that was in attendance.
“The event means a lot to me. My sisters and I were affected by the tornado along with the loss of my house and parents. It means so much to be here and hear my favorite song “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans.  I’m happy to be a part of it.” – Ciera Sanders, 14 years old from Shoal Creek Valley in Ashville, Alabama.
BAMA RISING encourages fans to donate $10 to the Bama Rising Fund by texting “BAMA” to 501501. Text messaging rates will apply, and the $10 donation will be added to the donor’s cell phone bill. Donations in any amount can be made through a secure on-line giving site linked to
The Bama Rising Fund has been established at the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham to support long-term recovery statewide in the wake of the April 2011 tornadoes that devastated Alabama. Decisions about how to deploy BAMA RISING concert proceeds and gifts to the Bama Rising Fund will be made by an advisory committee including representatives of the artists, promoters and the Community Foundation.
About The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham:
The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is the oldest and largest community foundation in Alabama, dedicated to driving positive change through grants, leveraging donor giving to meet community needs, and works with other organizations to collaborate and bring resources together. The Community Foundation has experience in distributing donations in previous disasters, including tornadoes in 1998 and 2002 and following the evacuation of survivors of Hurricane Katrina survivors to the Birmingham area in 2005. For more information, go to
About ALABAMA (the group):
With a career to date that has resulted in 21 Gold, Platinum and multi-Platinum albums, 42 number one singles and over 73 million records sold, ALABAMA has received over 150 industry awards including 8 country music "Entertainer of the Year" honors, 2 Grammys, 2 People's Choice Awards and their very own star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." The band most recently received the Academy of Country Music's Pioneer Award in 2003 and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Members Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry, and Jeff Cook all hail from Ft. Payne, ALABAMA and have enjoyed more than 30 years of unprecedented success.

Shawna Russell and Ricochet to Co-Star at July 4 “Summer Oil Patch Festival”

Shawna Russell and Ricochet to Co-Star at July 4 “Summer Oil Patch Festival” in Drumright, Oklahoma

Fourth Annual Day-Long Concert Event Includes Special Musical Guests Bo Phillips, LiveWire and Flat River Band, a Children’s Fair, plus a Huge Fireworks Display

NASHVILLE, TN (June 22, 2011) – Oklahoma homegrown Country music talents, singer/songwriter Shawna Russell and award-winning group Ricochet, will co-star at the fourth annual “Summer Oil Patch Festival” on Monday, July 4, 2011, at the Sellers Ranch in Drumright, Oklahoma. Admission is free to the public. Gates open at 11:00 a.m.

The family-friendly all-day concert will also feature musical artists Bo Phillips, LiveWire and Flat River Band. A special children’s fair area, unique entertainers including skydivers and magicians and a huge fireworks display at dusk will add to the spectacle of what has become one of the state’s largest and most diverse Independence Day events. The show is co-sponsored by Keystone Gas Corporation, Pacer Energy Marketing and Budweiser.


“Bring your lawn chairs, your family and friends to enjoy a fun day,” states Rick Sellers, President of Keystone Gas Corporation, co-sponsor and organizer of the event.

Shawna Russell, a native of Okemah, Oklahoma, has appeared at the event for the past three years, starting out as the opening act for BJ Thomas in 2008. Russell’s latest single, “Get Right Or Get Left,” from her recently released self-titled sophomore album, is building steam at radio and the video for the song is currently playing at The Country Network,, and regional outlets across the country.

Ricochet (whose founding members singer Heath Wright, and bassist Greg Cook hail from Vian, Oklahoma) first rose to widespread fame with the #1 hit “Daddy’s Money” in 1996. Other chart songs include “What Do I Know,” “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” and their signature Independence Day favorite, “The Star Spangled Banner,” which landed the group in the record books when it was released and Ricochet became the first Country artist to place the song on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

Directions to Sellers Ranch in Drumright, OK: Go 2 mi. north of the Hwy. 33/16/99 Junction on Hwy. 99, then turn left on 101st and continue for ¼ mi. – follow signs. For additional information, phone (918) 352-2443.


The Outdoor Channel: Mudslingers (featuring Colt Ford)


Music star will bring country life to the nation through new show “Mudslingers” debuting June 27 on The Outdoor Channel

Nashville, Tenn. (Wednesday, June 22, 2011) – The Outdoor Channel is pleased to announce the premiere of their new program spotlighting off-road entertainment, Mudslingers, starring Average Joe’s Entertainment’s Colt Ford as co-host alongside comedian Marc Ryan.  The 13-episode half-hour series will debut on June 27 at 10:30 p.m. ET and is presented by Sta-bil.
“There’s an entire culture that consists of 4x4 trucks, camping, music, and pure madness that we’re about to blow the lid off of,” shares Ford.  “Mudslingers showcase’s that lifestyle and more, and I’m proud to be one of the hosts sharing this with all the folks at home.  You better buckle up because this is one hell of a ride!” 

Each Mudslingers episode will feature renowned recreational parks like Redneck Yacht Club and Yankee Lake along with interviews on the campground, demonstrations of the vehicles, and more all while showcasing the non-stop action that takes place on the grounds. 

Stay tuned to for behind-the-scenes clips of Mudslingers and weekly breakdowns of the episodes. Bonus airings are slated for Monday’s at 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and Saturday’s at 4 p.m. with episodes airing each week through September 25.  To view the trailer for Mudslingers, click HERE and the commercial, HERE.
About Colt Ford
Critics raved over Colt Ford's 2010 release, "Chicken and Biscuits," which featured collaborations with Randy Houser, James Otto, Nappy Roots, Josh Gracin, Joe Nichols, Darryl Worley and more; however his latest release, which hit stores nationwide on May 3, 2011, "Every Chance I Get," is the highest-selling debut of his career and features collaborations with Tim McGraw, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Charlie Daniels, and more. With over 50,000 units sold the first month, it also nabbed the #3 spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart debut week. The lead single off the album is fastest-rising “Country Thang,” and latest release is a ballad about his 16-year-old daughter featuring Craig Morgan called “She Likes To Ride In Trucks.” In early 2011, Ford reached a milestone of over 1.5 million paid digital downloads and over 500,000 units sold with releases "Ride Through The Country" (2008)--which featured John Michael Montgomery and helped him earn his first ACM nomination for “Cold Beer” with Jamey Johnson--and "Chicken and Biscuits" (2010), Ford’s albums have been consistently ranked on the Billboard Country Album Charts. Ford will perform over 200 live shows in 2011 with previous major tours alongside Jason Aldean, Hank Williams Jr., and Larry the Cable Guy. For more information, visit

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