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Sara Hickman’s New Project Best of Times To Feature Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Rhett Miller and More

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Interview David Allen Burns

Interview David Allen Burns

CL: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today I present you David Allen Burns. David, welcome to the show.
CL: Ich bin Christian Lamitschka und präsentiere euch heute David Allen Burns. Willkommen in der Show!

DAB: Thanks for having me.
DAB: Vielen Dank, dass ich hier sein darf.

CL: David, you’re well known here in the US, but maybe Europe might be hearing of you for the first time; please introduce yourself and the music you’re playing to them.
CL: David, du bist sehr bekannt hier in den USA, aber eventuell hört Europa gerade das erste Mal von dir. Bitte stelle dich und deine Musik die du machst kurz vor.

DAB: Yes, I’m David Allen Burns, I grew up in a small town called Sherwood, Arkansas. My folks took me to see George Straight when I was three years old. Some reason, right then and there, I said that’s what I want to do. I started playing at nursing homes and anything I could in my hometown shows. Went on a high school bands and clubs. I pretty much grew in honky tonks, I guess at 16. I made a venture to Nashville back in 2007, signed my record deal, now we’re pushing my first single in country radio.
DAB: Ja, ich bin David Allen Burns und bin in einer kleinen Stadt namens Sherwood in Arkansas aufgewachsen. Als ich 3 Jahre alt war nahmen mich meine Leute mit zu George Straight. Aus irgendwelchen Gründen war das der Moment, wo für mich fest stand, dass ich genau das machen möchte. Ich fing an in Altersheimen zu spielen und alles was ich meiner Stadt erreichen konnte. Ich machte in Highschool Bands und Clubs mit, wuchs in Honky Tonks… ich glaube, da war ich 16. 2007 ging ich ein Risiko ein und ging nach Nashville, unterschrieb meinen Plattenvertrag und nun bringen wir meine erste Single ins Countryradio.

CL: You have a bran new album called “Premium Country”. It’s an unbelievable great album. There are no numbers on the back, so how many songs are there?
CL: Du hast ein brandneues Album namens “Premium Country”. Es ist ein unglaublich tolles Album. Auf der Rückseite sind keine Nummern – wie viele Lieder sind also darauf?

DAB: There’s 14 songs on. My first record was a box set, apparently.
DAB: Es sind 14 Lieder darauf. Meine erste Platte war offenbar eine Box.

CL: Tell us something about the songs please.
CL. Erzähl uns doch bitte etwas über die Lieder.

DAB: I wrote 10 out of the 14. The first one is called “Sweet Distraction”. Josh Thompson, I’m sure you heard of him, wrote it. It’s the kinda country I grew up on. I was a 90s baby and I grew up with Mark Chestnut, Keith Whitley, and George Straight. It’s just kind of my version on a lot of that kind of stuff. If I was going to buy a record, that’s the kind of stuff I want to hear.
DAB: 10 von 14 habe ich geschrieben. Das erste Lied heißt “Sweet Distraction”. Josh Thompson, ich bin mir sicher du hast schon mal von ihm gehört, hat es geschrieben. Das ist die Art Country mit der ich aufgewachsen bin. Ich war ein 90er-Baby und bin mit Mark Chesnut, Keith Whitley und George Straight aufgewachsen. Es ist nur eine Art meiner Version von einer Menge Stoff. Wenn ich losziehen würde um mir eine Platte zu kaufen, wäre das sowas was ich mir kaufen würde.

CL: Of all these songs, which is your favorite?
CL. Was ist dein Favorit unter all den Liedern?

DAB: Actually my favorite on it (CD) is called “More Afraid To Live”.
DAB: genau genommen ist mein Lieblingslied darauf “More Afraid To Live”.

CL: What’s the story behind it?
CL. Welche Geschichte steckt dahinter?

CAB: One of my great friends and one of my great song writing mentor, Rick Tiger wrote it. I just like that crying steel guitar, crying. That slow stuff, I’m sucker for it. It’s just a powerful song It’s very well written, it’s just a guy going thru a break-up and that really really down point, and the more afraid to live than dying. If you ever been there, you know what it’s talking about.
CAB: Es schrieb einer meiner guten Freunde und einer meiner besten Songwritermentoren, Rick Tiger. Ich mag einfach diese quietschigen Stahlsaiten der Gitarre. Für das langsame Zeug bin ich zu trottelig. Es ist einfach einer energiegeladenes Lied. Es ist sehr gut geschrieben, es ist ein Typ, der gerade eine Trennung durchlebt und am absoluten Tiefpunkt ist und mehr Angst vorm Leben als vor dem Tod hat. Wenn du das jemals erlebt haben solltest, dann weißt du wovon ich rede.

CL: By the experience you made with all the major stars in the past, is there a story you can share?
CL: Gibt es bei all den Erfahrungen die du mit den großen Stars gesammelt hast, eine Geschichte, die du mit uns teilen könntest?

DAB: As far as the record you Mean.
DAB: Du meinst was die Platte betrifft.

CL: Yes.
CL: Ja

DAB: There is one called “Any Other Way”, I co-wrote and when you live in Nashville, you write every day with these big guys, you kind of held to a standard of writing. You try to find clever lines, or some markability thing. So like I said, I grew up in a small town, kinda old school raised with a real close family. So went to writing and one day, I just want to write something for me. One line in there is ‘we don’t call a truck a truck, unless it’s four wheel drive; food ain’t food if it ain’t fried’. That’s pretty much how was raised in Arkansas. That song really hits home to me.
DAB: Da gibt es ein Lied, das heißt “Any Other Way”, an dem ich mitgeschrieben habe. Wenn du in Nashville lebst, dann schreibst du jeden Tag mit diesen großen Leuten. Du versuchst clevere Zeilen zu finden oder marktfähige Sachen. Also wie gesagt bin ich in einer kleinen Stadt aufgewachsen und auch eher nach der alten Schule in einer zusammenhaltenden Familie. Also ging ich los m zu schreiben und eines Tages wollte ich einfach mal was für mich schreiben. Eine Zeile davon ist dt: „wir nennen einen Truck nicht Truck, außer wenn es auf 4 Rädern fährt. Essen ist kein Essen, wenn es nicht fritiert ist“. Das ist genau das, was in Arkansas aufgewachsen ist. Dieses Lied bringt immer ein Stück Heimat zu mir.

Christian Lamitschka ( )



As I started watching, like a car accident I couldn't help myself, Shania Twain's new TV show on OWN called, "Why Not?",  I couldn't help  wonder "why her" and "why now??  What unfolded seemed to be quite evident, as the show documented her battles with "losing her ability to sing" and the personal tragedies that led up to that.  The show then led us on a multi-episode tour of involving the efforts that she was undertaking to "find her voice".  These efforts included, skydiving, mountain climbing, personal counseling, meeting with others who had shared similar experiences and so on.  Each presented her with an opportunity to take on her fears "head on" in an effort to prove to herself that she could overcome them.  

It also involved numerous encounters with other stars such as producer David Foster, Gladys Knight and Lionel Richie, who also were there to provide encouragement and inspiration, while at the same time providing her with some musical challenges that forced her to take on "the voice issue" directly.  The show was very informative, insightful and well-produced, as you might expect from Oprah's production team.    If you love Shania I would find this very interesting and very entertaining.

But as I said earlier, the show itself seemed to be setting the stage for something bigger.  Throughout the show, we were treated to watching Shania go through the songwriting process (for the first time in many years without former producer, co-writer and husband, Mutt Lange).  The song called, "Today is Your Day" was meant to be somewhat of a "note to self" for Shania, which she could use to push herself forward and getting herself on the road to recovery.  

It was no coincidence then, that the official release of Shania's first single "Today Is Your Day" on iTunes happened the day after the final epsiode of "Why Not" was aired, this past Sunday night, which also included a "worldwide debut of the song".   I was also not surprised to learn, not long after the final episode as well, that Shania officially announced her return to "live performance" by accepting the invitation to preform 60 shows in the next two years at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas beginning December of 2012.  Now that is pretty exciting news!!  She is following the footsteps of Garth Brooks who is also doing special "selected date shows" at the Wynn  in Las Vegas.

As someone who has always been a huge Shania fan, this writer is thrilled that she is back.   The voice, the looks and the star power that was and is Shania Twain has been greatly missed!!!

Here's hoping, for Shania Twain fans all over the world, that with regards to this superstar performer, "What happens in Vegas..." does not stay in Vegas!!!

Bob Palumbo

Leah Seawright - Country Girl 101 (CD Review )

Leah Seawright - Country Girl 101 (CD Review )

1. Country Girl 101 2. Southern Boy 3. Don't Take My Lexus 4. On the Backroads
5. Standing Right Here 6. Strong 7. Back To Dixie 8. Soft Abs and Hard Arteries 9. Bama Sky
10. Wait 11. That Feeling 12. Over the Storm 4:16 13. Feeling You Gone 14. My Own Way
Label – Skytone Records
Release Date – 1 February 2011
Time – 54:29
Country / Southern Rock/ Blues

COUNTRY GIRL 101 marks the first country release for this attractive mother of three. She was born and still resides in Fort Payne, Alabama the home of southern rock band Alabama. Leah Seawright was surrounded by music from birth; her parents are both musicians and singers. When she was in elementary school she developed a speech impediment and had to take classes, and was able to overcome it. In ninth grade she auditioned as a backup singer for a band and stayed with them for 2 years. Following graduation from high school, one night, enjoying an evening out at a supper club in Attalla her Alabama pals secretly passed a note to the bandleader of the group playing there. They suggested they invite her up on stage to sing. She did and later became their female singer. The bands keyboard player became her future husband who owned a small recording studio where she would work and pen songs. Leah would record two gospel albums and when she felt she had bagged enough good material that was worthy she planned to make a country record. 
In 2004 a few months after the birth of her third child she entered a local singing contest and won best Solo artist. One of the judges was Frank Green who writes 7 of the songs, plays multiple instruments and acts as engineer on this album.

On the long path Leah has been treading, much to her credit it has resulted in her writing and co-writing 13 of the 14 songs on this country debut. Her talents have been recognized getting the call to open for some notable stalwarts including Mark Chesnutt, John Michael Montgomery, Restless Heart and John Anderson.
In teaming up with Green he has recruited many highly creditable musicians, including: J.T. Corenflos (acoustic and electric guitar), Larry Franklin (fiddle), Wayne Killius (drums), Steve King (keyboards), Chris Leuzinger (electric guitar) Greg Morrow (drums), Jimmy Nichols (keyboards) Danny Parks (acoustic & electric guitars) and Carol Chase (backing vocals).
Another coup was in hiring Mark Herndon the former rock drummer who helped give the group Alabama its signature sound. Leah sweet-talked the former stick man to come to her husband’s studio and check out the music she had recorded. Herndon plays percussion and adds background vocals on a couple of tracks and wrote the liner notes, recounting Seawright as being “genuine and authentic.”

In describing Leah’s voice it’s as if Tanya Tucker, Pat Benatar and Janis Joplin had all taken a sip from the same cup of coffee. On the rocky opener with its driving guitars and rhythms Country Girl 101’ sets a scorching pace on this Seawright/Green composition. She’s a hot girl with attitude when giving a country-girl lesson! The advice to the guy is to love her like crazy and if he cranks her tractor he’ll get some romancing. She’s nobody’s one night stand as she wants to be treated like an angel. If he aspires to reach the top of class he needs to be cool with her brother, and mind his manners if he wants to pass!

The gritty anthemic ‘Southern Boy’ gives the thumbs up to the hard working boys from the south who demonstrates they have all the right morals and attitudes. ‘Don’t Take My Lexus’ is a fun number. She may not know what’s under the hood but if it ever came to break-up time she’s in need of that SUV for the kids - “lookin’ so good” driving down the road he’ll never let her go!

Album standout and face-paced ‘On The Backroads’ speaks of crazy teenage days. She’s breaking all the rules, living on the wild side, chasing forbidden love and feeling forever in one night. In ‘Standing Right Here the girl is tired of crying tears after break-up but in ‘Strong’ her heart is healing, she’s mad for love once more and strong enough to pull through.

In ‘Back To Dixie’ this southern gals roots are firmly in Dixieland. You’ll never be able to take the “country” out of her know matter where her road will lead.
Soft Abs and Hard Arteries’ is a light-hearted poke at a man that was once a woman’s dreams. Laced in steel and fiddle it makes for a great honky-tonk toe tapper.
With the smell of honey-suckle in the air thoughts turn back to innocent teenage days on the mid-paced, self-penned love song Bama Sky’. Seawright remembers carefree times holding hands down that ole’ dirt road while the summer sun shines.

On the sassy ‘Wait’, some good lookin’ fella may find out that this passion filled lady has a secret crush on him. Harmonica, fiddle and guitar riffs cut some cool grooves in the vinyl on this one, as Seawright’s vocal oozes sexy with a smile on her face.

That Feelin’ written by Brad Durham offers a much needed slower tempo, more depth and with its powerful message allows the Alabama singer to show off her southern growl. The pace returns on ‘Over the Storm’ a carry over song from her gospel outing which is a cry out for strength after facing mother natures enemies. It was inspired by the events of Hurricane Katrina.

Feeling You Gone’ best illustrates the quality and emotion that Leah’s vocal can convey on this outstanding heartbreaker which has universal fascination. With a heartache of F5 proportions, the loss of such a deep love rips like a tornado at the heart. For Seawright it draws on a true life experience. Her aunt lost a son in a car accident some 10 minutes after speaking with him on the phone. The angst reigns out with the words: God, I wish I’d never hung up the phone.

My Own Way’ wraps things up, in which a girl whose graduated will make her own decisions and pave her destiny. 

COUNTRY GIRL 101 shows much promise but the tracks are too one dimensional which may tempt listeners to reach for the skip button. It’s worth taking this lady for a test drive but I hope she mixes it up on 102 with some slow killer ballads. If she does then Leah will see us right.


Julie Roberts - Alive (CD Review)

Julie Roberts - Alive (CD Review)

1. Mama Said Don't 2. Stronger 3. Alive 4. You Got Me 5. Yesterday's Blue 6. Ain't No Thing
7. One For The Road 8. Let's Fight 9. Whiskey and You 10. Somebody Does
11. Carolina From My Soul 12. NASCAR Party

Label - Independent release Copyright © 2011 Julie Roberts Music
UPC - 884501534703
Release Date - June 6, 2011
Time – 40:58

Alive, Stronger, Soulful and ready to party

On this her third album, ALIVE marks a very much welcomed return for Julie Roberts after a 5-year hiatus. Released independently, this 12-track recording is her first since the 2006 sophomore album MEN & MASCARA which drew critical acclaim and charted a #4 spot on the Billboard Country Chart.

The album cuts loose with the fiery, rebellious mid-tempo ‘Mama Said Don’t’ in which a daughter ignores a mothers plea and tries in vain to prove her wrong. She messes up her best Sunday dress on a muddy river bank and chooses to mess around with the good-for-nothing boys: Oh every time Mama said don’t I did.
It was co-written with friends Rachel Procter and Victoria Banks. Again this trio collaborated on the emotional charged ‘Somebody Does’; as Julie reaches out faithfully to an unloved lost and lonely soul. Both these tracks also made their way onto Victoria’s latest release NEVER BE THE SAME.

Roberts crash lands on ‘Stronger’: “I fall sometimes / I crawl sometimes / lose it all sometimes / it makes me stronger,” she sings. It’s an autobiographical number, but not obviously so. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which started whilst on tour with her first album. The beautiful "Break Down Here" songbird admitted that her health troubles understandably shook her confidence. Then she became one of the countless Nashville residents who lost their home and personal belongings in the Tennessee Floods in May 2010. With her strong belief she overcomes torn up plans, scares, curses and weeping on sleepless nights. The track was written with Grammy award winning writer Don Schlitz whose songs have changed the life’s of many. Both Julie and Don brought this musical story into the heart of a women’s New York prison whilst working on a special programme for the Magdalene prison ministry.

The achingly beautiful title track and haunting ballad ‘Alive’ has universal appeal to the listener. It could be making a connection on the phone to a distant lover or with a deep faith and barely hanging on after setbacks, seeking help with a message to another world: I’m right there beside you like you right here beside me. But then with the line: Music brings you back to me and I feel such a lift – It’s a thank you to the fans that have missed her presence on the music scene. It sets a tone for the record, she’s making a statement – “I am still here and I’m still making music “

The fabulously entertaining and danceable ‘You Got Me‘has a Dixie Chicks ‘Long Time Gone’ feel with a dash of Patsy Cline. With a bluesy vocal accompanied by lovely instrumentation with banjo, mandolin, piano and great swampy electric guitar riffs it generates a country sound from yesteryear.

Roberts showcases her aptitude to convey pain in the heartbreaker ‘Yesterday's Blue’, co-written with New Orleans born Chris Roberts from the Nashville-based country-rock harmony trio One Flew South. After watching a former lover fall into another’s arms, finally the tears no longer fall. In the second verse she’s found salvation and is moving on: I’ve got better things to do / then be stuck in yesterday blue. After break-up, as a pillowy steel fades he can keep the memories and the pick-up truck, she’s going to curl up with a dog and sleep like a baby, knowing they are finally through.

With its steel, guitar and piano riffs the break-up ballad ‘One For The Road’ brought to mind the Eagles ‘Take It To The Limit’. Julie’s sultry vocals are evident as a couple make one last romantic memory tick as they pour another drink and turn the lights down low.

Honky tonk ballad ‘Whiskey and You’ previously appeared on Tim McGraw’s 2007 album LET IT GO penned by Lee Thomas Miller and Chris Stapleton (member of The Steeldrivers). On this soaring number a woman fights with her inner demons and a drinking problem. She drinks because she’s lonesome, it hides the pain, but forgiveness is something she cannot buy.

Album stand out ‘Carolina From My Soul’ is a magnificent autobiographical ballad with its exquisite arrangement and gospel flavourings. Here the 32-year old Lancaster county born singer puts in powerful performance paying homage to her native South Carolina. It may hold painful memories as her mother moved to Nashville after divorcing her father. Lyrics relate to a difficult personal relationship but Julie’s homeland will always remain her bedrock: You can steal the light from my eyes / cut me down, criticize, tell me pretty lies / you can’t take Carolina from my soul

As we draw to the finishing line in Shania “Any-Man-Of-Mine” fashion Julie gets all revved up and has fun in the energetic ‘NASCAR Party’. Roberts professes to be a lifetime race fan having watched it on TV growing up in Carolina and a few years ago sang the national anthem at a NASCAR track in Atlanta. She helped the National Association create a video at Texas Motor and Charlotte Motor Speedways featuring driver Brother Edwards. It was showcased at the track appearing on a 200 feet wide by 80 feet tall screen. On a first listen it’s easy to dismiss but with its catchy hooks it sticks-like-glue in the brain and could well provide a line dance favourite.
Julie may well have had a chequered career these last 5 years through no fault of her own but it’s a shame the checkered flag had to be waved as I was anxious to hear more.


"The Marty Stuart Show" Welcomes Keith Urban!

Keith Urban will make a special appearance on The Marty Stuart Show this Sat., June 18.   The show is currently in its 3rd season and brings traditional country music into living rooms across the nation every Saturday night on RFD-TV.   Check local listings for more information.

Photo by: Bill Thorup



Dean To Perform "Let Them Be Little" This Sunday, Father's Day

Nashville, Tenn (June 16, 2011) – Fox News Channel viewers are in for special Father's Day treat on this Sunday’s weekend edition of Fox & Friends. GRAMMY Award-winning country music crooner Billy Dean stops in with hosts Clayton Morris, Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs for a fitting Father’s Day tribute performance of his hit song, “Let Them Be Little.”

Dean has re-released the heart-tugging family anthem on his latest project, a 5-song EP titled Earning Our Place On Earth.  The album is sponsored by Naturipe® Farms, which recently instituted Dean as its celebrity spokesperson.  Naturipe® Farms is a farmer-owned producer of fresh berries grown by local family farms offered at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Market, and other retail stores.

Billy Dean is an American country music artist who, to date, has snagged thirteen Top 10 hits and holds four RIAA-certified Gold studio albums.  Dean’s biggest hits include “Only Here For A Little While,” “Somewhere In My Broken Heart,” “Billy The Kid” and “Let Them Be Little.”

Watch Dean's "Let Them Be Little" music video by clicking HERE.

For more information on Billy Dean, visit


Sunday, June 19
9:50 AM EST
Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends

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