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Interview with Mandy Barnett

Interview with Mandy Barnett

Ch.L.: Country Music has many new fans in Europe, who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who's never seen or heard you before.

M.B.: I sing classic country music.  That is my first love.  But I also sing songs from the Great American Song book.

Ch.L.: How was the last year for you? What were the highlights? 

M.B.: I put out a Christmas record, "Winter Wonderland," through Cracker Barrel Country Stores and Rounder Records, called "Winter Wonderland."  It will also be available this holiday season through Rounder. 

Ch.L.: What's your latest CD and how's it doing?

M.B.:  I just released a collection of songs recorded by Patsy Cline, in support of the musical "Always...Patsy Cline," which I'm performing in at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville this month and July.  The album includes some of Patsy's big hits, such as "Crazy," "I Fall to Pieces," "Sweet Dreams," and others, but also includes some different types of songs that Patsy covered, such as the Irving Berlin standard "Always" and "Strange."  We thought it would be nice to take some stylistic liberties with some of the songs, while maintaining the overall integrity of the sound.  It was a very creative process and fun to make.  It's something my fans have wanted for a while.

Ch.L.: How did you choose the title for the CD, is there a story behind it?

M.B.:  "Sweet Dreams"  was just a great title -- it jumped right out, since it's such a great and beloved song.  I also had a long friendship with the writer, Don Gibson, who was a legendary singer and songwriter.  

Ch.L.: Do you write the songs yourself and if not, how do you go about finding the songs for the your CD?

M.B.:  I don't write.  I'm an interpreter of song.  I pick songs that are moving to me, songs that have the right emotional component and that are melodically dynamic.

Ch.L.: Please tell us about the songs on your album.

M.B.:  They are all wonderful classic songs, written by some incredible songwriters.  I mentioned Irving Berlin and Don Gibson already, but there are many other stellar songwriters represented -- Willie Nelson, Harlan Howard, Hank Cochran, Mel Tillis, to name a few.

Ch.L.: What's the difference between your last CD and the current one?   

M.B.:  My last CD, "Winter Wonderland," was a Christmas record, and "Sweet Dreams" is a collection songs previously recorded by Patsy Cline.  Both records harken back to the past a bit, in terms of style and production. 

Ch.L.: What kind of songs do you like to record the most?

M.B.: Songs with great melodies and memorable lyrics.

Ch.L.: What's your favorite song among all the songs you've recorded and what's the story behind it?

M.B.:  I don't have a favorite song.  From project to project, I always have my favorites.  I keep moving forward.  There are always new favorites.

Ch.L.: How much creative control do you have over your music?

M.B.:  At this point, I have much more than I have ever had, and it feels really good.

Ch.L.: Who do you look up musically and how deep do your musical roots run?

M.B.: I love all kinds of music.  My favorite music is from the 1960s and earlier.  I love the great female country singers, like Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette, and some of the legendary pop vocalists, like Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Connie Francis, and Brenda Lee.  Since I was a child, I've always listened to and performed an eclectic mix of music. 

Ch.L.: What do you think about today's Country Music versus its roots and where do you see it going in the future?

M.B.:  I think Country Music today has certainly often strayed from its roots.  Like other genres, there can sometimes be a focus on mass producing records and stars.  This has somewhat homogenized the format, but that isn't just happening with the country format, other genres are affected as well.

Ch.L.: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between "traditional“ and "new“ country music?

M.B.:  In my opinion, the traditional singers had a lot more time to develop their gifts and try to find songs to sing that were more meaningful.  You could have a long career, developed over a stretch of time, to really discover who you were as an artist.  It's a different business now.  The pressures are different.  There's not that same luxury of developing over time and finding your true voice and identity as an artist.  Things happen faster, due to economic and other forces.  You have to hit fast, or likely lose your record deal.

Ch.L.: If you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

M.B.:  Take more time to let artists hone their artistry and identities, and to let artists be individually expressive, outside of a mass-produced market.

Ch.L.: As an artist you have to do so many different things such as recording, touring, doing interviews etc. What do you like best, what's your favorite activity?

M.B.:  I enjoy all of it.  

Ch.L.: What was your big break that got you into the music business?

M.B.:  I auditioned for a musical called "Always...Patsy Cline."  It was a smash hit and since has toured all over the world with different casts, but our show at the Ryman Auditorium, back when, certainly help put it on the map.

Ch.L.: Before you became a star, where your friends and family supportive or was it a struggle?

M.B.:  I've always had a tremendous amount of support from my friends and family. 

Ch.L.: What inspired you to become an artist?

M.B.:  My mother knew early on I had a talent for singing.  It was something she cultivated in me and it was apparent to everyone that that's what I should do with my life.

Ch.L.: What drives you?

M.B.: Creativity and passion.

Ch.L.: What does it take to be a country star?

M.B.:  Determination.

Ch.L.: What's unique about you that differentiates you from other artists?

M.B.:  I'm focused on being a vocalist  -- an interpreter of incredible songs.  I don' write my own songs.  I'm interested in singing songs written by great songwriters and I don't pretend to be a great songwriter!

Ch.L.: What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and achievements which you're proud of?

M.B.:  I've had many moments I'm proud of.  I'm proud of every time I'm on the Grand Ole Opry stage.  It's truly thrilling.  And  I was proud to be asked to be on The Tonight Show and David Letterman's show, without a "big hit record."  

Ch.L.: Who's your biggest critic, yourself or others?

M.B.:  I always try to do my best, but artists are known for being probably me.

Ch.L.: When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

M.B.:  Spending time with family and friends.  I also work on other creative projects to relax.  I like to paint.

Ch.L.: Is there anything in your life that you would change if you could?

M.B.:  I figure I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Ch.L.: Many European fans travel to Nashville for CMA Music Festival (Fan Fair), because of the opportunity to see so many of their favorite stars at the same time. Will you be participating and how will the fans be able to find you?

M.B.:  Yes, I am playing the WSM stage, signing at a couple of booths, playing the Grand Ole Opry Matinee and signing copies of my new record at the Opry Originals Store.

Ch.L.: Is there anyplace you haven't played that you would like to?

M.B.:  I would love to do more international shows.  Especially Europe.  

Ch.L.: What can your fans expect to see when they see you in concert?

M.B.:  Lots of great music.  I give all I have and I have a wonderful group of veteran musicians who back me up.  Of course I always include a few Patsy songs as well.

Ch.L.: When you're on tour, do you have time to play tourist?

M.B.e:  Sometimes I do.
Ch.L.: Many music fans today get their information about artists via the internet. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

M.B.: Yes, my website is I also have a Facebook fan page and am on Twitter and iTunes.

Ch.L.: What's the best compliment a fan has ever given you?

M.B.:  Your voice made me cry.

Ch.L.. What message would you like to send your European fans?

M.B.:  I want to see you soon!

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Gillian Welch to Release New Album The Harrow & The Harvest

Gillian Welch to Release New Album

Acony Records is proud to announce that on June 28, 2011 they will release The Harrow & The Harvest, the new album by Gillian Welch, featuring ten new songs recorded at her own Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and produced by David Rawlings.

On May 30, 2011, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings will embark on a North American tour supporting The Harrow & The Harvest that will continue through the summer and into the fall. The acclaimed duet will visit over seventy cities in their most extensive tour in over a decade.

The Harrow & The Harvest, "is a new Southern sound," writes Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, "with the sort of songs you wouldn't be surprised to hear issuing from some verdant, wooded hollow in Appalachia; Songs you'd expect to hear hollered from an Asheville grange hall, all too late in the evening. Songs with the wry humor of the back porch. Listen to this record with the lights low. Listen to it on an old radio, cradled next to your ear."

Uncut Magazine's Album of the Month review calls The Harrow & The Harvest a "timeless country classic, this is Welch's most ruggedly traditional work yet." And closes by lamenting, "The only thing wrong with a Gillian Welch album is that she makes so damn few of them."
The Harrow & The Harvest will be first previewed at 38 independent record stores coast to coast in the week prior to release. Visit for a complete listing of Listening Party dates, times and locations.
Welch and Rawlings met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Together, they moved to Nashville, TN, where most of their work together has been produced. Since then, they have influenced and inspired new generations of country and folk singers, songwriters and players. They have earned the slavish admiration of many of the most lauded and loved voices of the Americana milieu, and had their songs recorded by the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and Solomon Burke.

Track Listing:
1. Scarlet Town 2. Dark Turn Of Mind 3. The Way It Will Be 4. The Way It Goes
5. Tennessee
6. Down Along The Dixie Line 7. Six White Horses 8. Hard Times 9. Silver Dagger 10. The Way The Whole Thing Ends

Susie McEntire - Passages (2011) CD Review

Susie McEntire - Passages (2011) CD Review

1. At Seventeen  2. When I Get Where I'm Going  3. Big Blue Sky 4. Carry You
5. If Today Was Your Last Day  6. Someone Like You 7. Ready To Fall  8. Who Am I
9. Love Is The Answer  10. Believe

Label - Self released © 2010 Susie McEntire, LLC
UPC - 667292079420
Release Date - November 5, 2010
Time - 41:45

This 10-track collection of covers from Christian country artist Susie McEntire marks her 17th album and also a point in time on her personal and spiritual path. Each of the tracks act like a bulleted list reflecting the contentment she now feels whilst honouring the past with a belief and faith that acts like a gateway to a new world.

On this project, recorded at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville she again calls of the services of trusted producer Billy Aerts, who also lends his backgrounds vocals.

At Seventeen’, the opening chapter, is the career song for Janis Ian from her 1975 album ‘Between The Lines’. Here it’s given a fresh up-tempo bluesy feel. With a bevy of talented session players on hand including Wayne Killius (drums) , Kerry Marx (electric guitar), Joel Key (acoustic guitar), Mark Jordan (piano and keys), Duncan Mullins (bass) Wanda Vick (fiddle and mandolin) and Scotty Anders (steel and dobro), the production is tasteful and clean, allowing Susie’s engaging vocals to shine and offer warmth.

When I Get Where I'm Going’ penned by prolific writers Rivers Rutherford and George Teren appeared on Brad Paisley’s 2005 ‘TIME WELL WASTED’ album, as a duet with Dolly Parton. Granted this new lease of life the sound is little more open. McEntire puts in a magnificent performance with her trademark vocal clarity, allowing the songs message to come across pure and true.

Big Blue Sky’ is a fast paced rocky number, a collaboration with Steve Azar and award winning and celebrated hit maker Rafe Van Hoy. Together they penned 6 songs on Azar’s album WAITIN’ ON JOE. Susie shares her big sisters insightful musical taste as REBA also choose to cut this on her compilation album LOVE REVIVAL released through Hallmark.

Carry You’ is so beautiful it could calm a restless sea; the arrangement is delicious, penned by Amy Grant and drawn from her contemporary Christian album ROCK OF AGES...HYMNS & FAITH.

If Today Was Your Last Day’ is an inspired inclusion, more familiar by Canadian rockers Nickelback on their ‘DARK HORSE’ album (2008). Its lyrics are tailor made for McEntire as she sings with complete conviction: Would you find that one you’re dreamin' of? Swear up and down to God above, that you finally fell in love
if today was your last day.

Someone Like You’ is classy, mellow and gently paced affair. A Top 30 hit in 1987 for Van Morrison on his albumPOETIC CHAMPIONS COMPOSE’ and also covered by artists like Diana Carroll. A popular wedding choice and Susie (formerly Luchsinger) herself found happiness once more after divorcing rodeo star Paul Luchsinger after 26 years of marriage and separation. Waiting for the light to come shining through once more, after a first casual meeting, then year long friendship, she married Mark Eaton of Seattle in Oregon in December 2009 following a 15 day engagement. Susie as a singer, spokesperson and speaker travels America with him to spread a love of music along with a message of faith and fitness.

Ready To Fall’ perhaps by coincidence has a romantic Seattle connection, as it was recorded in the city on Le Roy Bell’s LIVE IN 3D album. Elton John’s remixed ‘Are You Ready For Love’ composed by Bell reached #1 in England02003-08-31 back in 2003. As a song writer his music crosses many demographics and in this instance perfectly fits the Christian category. On this soulful, dreamy adaption, mandolin and steel interplay with some tasty electric guitar licks as McEntire delivers the loving and heartfelt lines: You’re the sweetest soul I could ever meet and no one can deny / When I found you I’d given up / Then you walked into my life

Who Am I’ with its piano arrangement brings to mind Jim Brickman. Written by John Mark Hall the leader singer and composer of the band Casting Crowns, this worship song tracked on Hosanna! Today's Top Worship Songs for Kids. On this powerful number with its Dolly-like harmony Susie provides a wonderful album standout with an emotional-laden vocal performance.

Love Is The Answer’ written by Todd Rundgren which reached number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 for England Dan & John Ford Coley in 1979, has been covered before for the Contemporary Christian music market. It provides a perfect framework for Susie as love lights up the world with a ticket to paradise.

Believe’ the spiritual and warm-hearted tune gained a Single of the Year at the 2006 Country Music Association awards for its writers Craig Wiseman and Ronnie Dunn. Brooks & Dunn as double-headliners toured with and collaborated on Reba McEntire’s ‘If You See Him/If You See Her’ and Ronnie lent his voice on her DUETS album. This bookend track finds Susie in porch swing mood. As the narrator looking sweet Old man Wrigley in the eye and asserting her own faith she believes he deserves a ticket to the other side.

PASSAGES is uplifting, soothes and comforts. HEALTH WARNING - This CD does the mind and heart good!


Shania Twain News

LAS VEGAS (JUNE 8, 2011) – Shania Twain, international superstar and the world’s best-selling female country artist of all time, confirmed today her widely-speculated return to the stage and vocal spotlight with a two-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The music icon will bring all of her biggest hits in her new show SHANIA: STILL THE ONE exclusively to The Colosseum beginning December 1, 2012.
Shania, Still the One kicks off on December 1, 2012. The tickets range from $55-$250. The first 10 dates went on presale to American Express card members last night Wednesday June 8th as she presented the CMT Music Award for Male Video of the Year.
Tickets go on-sale to the public Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 10 a.m. PST. 
December 2012 Dates: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15

In the press conference (Wednesday, June 6 at 3pm / 8pm UK time ) it was announced that Shania Twain will begin a two year residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning December 1, 2012. There will be 60 shows a year following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher.  “From this moment on, I decided I would only begin dreaming now what [the show] will be like,” she said. “My dreams are unleashed and my creativity is unleashed.” She is very excited for what is to come at Caesars Palace. “The base and platform for something fantastic is already there.”

To see photo from the conference and her CMT  Thelma & Louise” recreation for the CMT awards head for daily mail online
this bit at the end
Edited Video of the conference can be viewed at or on Youtube

MILOW - Neue Single Little in The Middle und Tourdaten

MILOW - Neue Single Little in The Middle
Universal Music Bild

MILOW - Neue Single Little in The Middle
Im Herbst auf grosser Tour From North To South

Kaum ein anderer Künstler konnte die Musikszene der letzten Jahre in hiesigen Breitengraden nachhaltiger prägen, als Milow: Hits wie die ganz eigene des 50-Cent-Tracks „Ayo Technology“ und das eingängige „You Don’t Know“; mehr als 1,8 Millionen verkaufter Tonträger und über 300 umjubelte Live-Shows in 20 Ländern sprechen eine deutliche Sprache. Vor allem aber ist es dem Gewinner des MTV Europe Music Award, dem Music Industry Award und dem European Boarder Breaker Award gelungen, einen ureigenen Sound zu definieren: Milow ist längst Synonym für eine charismatische Stimme, unwiderstehliche Hooks und gehaltvolle Arrangements.

Nach vier restlos ausverkauften Club-Shows im Mai und aufgrund der großen Nachfrage geht Milow im Oktober / November 2011 auf ausgedehnte Headliner-Tournee. Die elf Stationen sind: Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Bamberg, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig, Bremen und Flensburg.

Dass der 1981 als Jonathan Vandenbroeck im belgischen Borgerhout geborene Künstler keinesfalls die Erdung verloren hat, bewies er unlängst mit seiner ersten Single-Auskopplung „You And Me (In My Pocket)“ aus dem aktuellen Album „North And South“. So bescherte „You And Me (In My Pocket)“ dem Künstler vier Wochen lang die # 1 Position der deutschen Airplay-Charts. Zudem befindet sich das Album „North And South“ bereits vor Veröffentlichung der zweiten Auskopplung „Little In The Middle“ (VÖ: 15.07.11) auf Gold-Kurs.

„Little In The Middle“ ist ein signifikantes Beispiel dafür, warum Milow nach wie vor so unglaublich erfolgreich ist. Der Song fließt so locker ins Ohr, wie er offenbar von Milow aus dem Ärmel geschüttelt wurde. Eine kleine Geschichte mit umwerfendem Refrain - verpackt in große Songwriterkunst. Ein Titel, der so viel darüber sagt, wie Milow ist und sich selbst sieht.

Auch der diesjährige Konzertsommer steht ganz im Zeichen Milows Live-Präsenz. Ausgewählte Termine in Wolfhagen, Bremerhaven, München, Heinsberg, Emmendingen, Schwetzingen, Saarbrücken, Rottweil, Hanau und Bochum stehen zwischen Juni und September auf dem Open Air-Plan.

Daten für die From North To South - Tour

• 22.10.11       Stuttgart / Beethovensaal                                                  
• 23.10.11       Frankfurt / Jahrhunderthalle
• 25.10.11       Bamberg / Stechert Arena
• 27.10.11       Düsseldorf / Mitsubishi Electric Halle (ex-Philipshalle)           
• 28.10.11       Bielefeld / Stadthalle                                     
• 29.10.11       Hamburg / CCH1
• 31.10.11       Berlin / Columbiahalle                                  
• 03.11.11       Hannover / AWD Hall                                                
• 04.11.11       Leipzig / Haus Auensee
• 05.11.11       Bremen / Pier 2
• 06.11.11       Flensburg / Deutsches Haus

Weitere Infos unter


The Statler Brothers, one of the most award-winning groups in music history, will receive the 2011 James D. Vaughan Impact Award on Sept. 28 during a special ceremony at Dollywood at the Southern Gospel Music Association’s (SGMA) annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Singing News Fan Awards. 
“We are honored to be offered the James D. Vaughan Impact Award,” the Statler Brothers said. “The SGMA has done a wonderful job of preserving Southern gospel for the ages, and we’re proud to be a part of the family. There still is nothing more inspiring, exciting and fulfilling than a Southern gospel concert with high tenors and low basses with arrangements that make your heartstrings stand on end.”
Group members Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune and Don Reid will attend to accept the award which is named in honor of James D. Vaughan, a Southern gospel music pioneer and one of the genre’s founders. Past recipients include Bill Gaither, James Blackwood, Les Beasley, Bob Brumley, Mosie Lister, Paul Heil, Eva Mae LeFevre, J.G. Whitfield, Lari Goss, Barbara Mandrell and Dolly Parton.
“Not only are their roots firmly planted in Southern gospel music, the Statler Brothers’ incredible career carried Southern gospel to millions of country music fans and beyond,” said Charlie Waller, SGMA executive director. “Their rich musical legacy makes us proud to honor them with the James D. Vaughan Impact Award.” 
The Statler Brothers, founded in 1955 in Staunton, Va., began performing in local churches with founding members Don Reid, lead; Harold Reid, bass; Balsley, baritone; and Lew DeWitt, tenor. Fortune became the group’s tenor singer in the early 1980s, replacing DeWitt who died in 1990. The Statler Brothers appeared regularly on ABC’s "The Johnny Cash Show" early in their career. They hosted "The Statler Brothers Show" their own weekly and top-rated variety show on The Nashville Network from 1991 to 1998. With more than 40 albums, the Statler Brothers were honored with three Grammy® Awards, nine Country Music Association Awards for Vocal Group of the Year, and two Academy of Country Music Awards. The Statler Brothers were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008. The group’s career spanned six decades until the Statler Brothers officially retired in October 2002. 
The SGMA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony/Singing News Fan Awards is Sept. 28 at DP’s Celebrity Theatre at Dollywood, home of the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame. Seating is reserved, and tickets are $75 ($55 for Dollywood season passholders) and include one-day Dollywood admission, parking and lunch as well as Dollywood’s more than 40 rides, shows and attractions. Tickets must be purchased in advance by calling the SGMA office at (865) 908-4040.
 The SGMA is a non-profit organization that maintains the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame, the only facility honoring Southern gospel music and dedicated to the historic preservation of the genre’s accomplishments, both for the music and the people. Museum hours coincide with Dollywood’s operating schedule. Donations are tax-deductible. For more information about the museum or its inductees, visit

Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers “Me and Paul Revere”

Rounder Records Announces The Release Of The New Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers  single “Me and Paul Revere” To Global Radio Exclusively Through AirPlay Direct
Steve Martin wrote a new song for his upcoming performance on PBS’ annual 4th of July  live concert special; A Capitol 4th .   The song is the tale of Paul Revere’s ride as told by the trusty steed he rode that historic night. Steve joined forces with The Steep Canyon Rangers to record the song so we could make it available to you for airplay.
Continuing on the path of his new album with the Steep Canyon Rangers, Rare Bird Alert, Steve has crafted a wonderful story song that features  the  incredible musicianship we have come to expect from “Steve and the Steeps”.
“We wish to thank our label partner, Rounder Records for making this great song from Steve Martin exclusively available to our global radio membership,” states Robert Weingartz, Chairman and CEO of AirPlay Direct.

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Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

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CD Review: LUANNE HUNT - The Heart Of It All / Songs From The Valley

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