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CONCERT REVIEW - Wine,Women & Song – Basingstoke, THE ANVIL - 21 MAY 2009

CONCERT REVIEW - Wine,Women & Song – Basingstoke, THE ANVIL - 21 MAY 2009

1. Tomorrow Morning GP 2. Bus Ride SB 3. You And Tequila MB 4. Independence Day GP
5. Letting Go SB 6. Wrong Side Of Memphis MB 7.Guadalupe GP 8. Eat At Joe's SB
9. Racing The Angels - NEW! MB 10. Sunday Morning GP 11. Outbound Plane SB
12. Nashville Girls MB 13. Ghost GP 14. If You Leave Me Now SB 15. Camille MB
16. Waiting For The Light To Turn Green GP 17. Somebody To Love SB
18. Strawberry Wine MB 19. On A Bus To St.Cloud GP 20. Heartache SB
Encores 21. Wild Horses GP,MB,SB sharing vocals 22. Farther Along GP,MB,SB

It was great to see Gretchen Peters, Matraca Berg and Suzy Bogguss back together in Wine, Women & Song mode. Hard to believe it was 2 years ago they were at this venue when unfortunately Suzy lost her voice due to laryngitis. No problems this time around, though she did resist showing off her "famed" yodelling skills.
Not as many people there as it in 2007 but still a very healthy 350+ crowd.
Gretchen had flown in several days ahead of the Miss Bogguss and Berg to do Radio promotion for her Best of Collection CIRCUS GIRL. Matraca arrived on Tuesday and seemed to have recovered from the jet lag. I am informed that they DO all get on and are flying back together.

The HOT news on the night was that Matraca has new material out - after a 10-year wait in the form of a special tour pre-release called SOUTH OF HEAVEN.
It's hard to think of another artist as modest as she is. If she were to promote her own music she probably wouldn't sell a single copy as she merely takes pleasure in others having hits with her songs. She is catching up fast though! Laughing she said she had to have something to sell this time around as she was getting fed up of Gretchen & Suzy after the shows waving wads of notes in her face at the merch desk!

The respect that each of these artists has one another is enormous not just as friends but professionally. In fact Matraca openly admitted she was a "huge girly fan" of Suzy, in the end it got a bit out of hand and Gretchen explained that's why she's sat in the middle of them to keep the peace LOL. Yes an evening full of friendly banter jokes and wonderful songs. Matraca's aired a new song
'Racing The Angels' was brilliant. Gretchen's 'On A Bus To St Cloud' probably due the loudest and most prolonged applause. A song she again highlighted was a song that brought her to the UK such was its acceptance over here. Great to hear Suzy interpretation of Lowell George’s (Little Feat) 'Heartache'. I wasn't aware until this night that the video of it was shot in London. Another superb moment was Gretchen performing 'Guadalupe', Matraca played harmonica in Neil Young-esque fashion with Suzy adding delight touches on guitar and harmony.

New song 'Camille' appearing on both on the WW&S EP The SAWANEE SESSIONS and Matraca's new offering was excellent, a number all-3 collaborating on it. The encores
'Wild Horses' and 'Farther Along' were really special. Hearing their 3 voices harmonising was wonderful. On the former Gretchen started on lead vocals, and then Matraca took lead then Suzy then all 3 combining – A great moment. More of this please on future WW&SONG Tour!

Recently on BBC Scotland "Peters, Berg and Bogguss were described in Rugby terms as "not a bad half back line". They may not have been wearing Rugby shirts but anyone going to any of the rest of the dates on this tour was in for a treat! Do "TRY" to see them if you haven't seen them before. Go along on spec and I'm sure you'll be "Converted"! You'll probably find there will be a bit of a "Scrum" getting signings afterwards on the evidence of this night.

Gretchen threw in a few surprises to possibly wrong foot her mates with '
Ghost', also Peters "The Master Of Melancholy" felt the need to throw in a more upbeat happy song with 'Sunday, Morning'

Gretchen suggested that next time they might think about bringing the "Boyfriends" along. Suzy looked bemused (Being married to producer Doug Crider). Gretchen thought maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all LOL. ‘
Independence Day' gave Gretchen the opportunity to tell the audience the ‘Sarah Palin Story’ various spin-offs have raised £1million it seems! 'Camille' from the new EP seems to have been written in the Tennessee cabin whilst Gretchen was cooking and then the juices flowed from all 3 ladies with the writing. Yeah Matraca is definitely a "Girlie fan of Suzy" saying she is "the best interpreter of songs she's ever known"

Suzy at one point tried to be a rock chick and failed miserably when attempting to throw her plectrum into the audience. Matraca got up and promptly threw it into row 'E' left-hand! This prompted a debate on how left-handed people are more creative!
Matraca also has learnt to do a strong Scottish accent saying "Suzy". We heard about Suzy and her son Ben walking down the street late at night after Celtic Connection festivities and someone yelling out 'Suzy' only for Suzy nervously to turn round and realise it was Matraca on a wind-up - Suzy thinking a fan had actually recognized her!

Both Matraca and Suzy spoke about their grandmothers. Suzy remembers hers cooking, always smoking with a long fag ash hanging off the cigarette whilst stirring the saucepans - She wondered how much Fag ash she may have eaten over the years but it didn’t look to have done her any harm LOL
Suzy said Gretchen and Matraca had been "pestering" her with online messages regarding about doing a cover song together. Suzy amusingly wondered why 2 of the best songwriters in the world would "Fri**in' want to do a cover" LOL Apparently Gretchen said she mentioned doing Amy Whitehouse’s’ REHAB!


ON TOUR – Wine, Women & Song

ON TOUR – Wine, Women & Song

Yes the Girls Are Back In Town!
On this their 3rd UK tour Wine, Women & Song (WW&S) who comprise 3 of Nashville’s most respected songwriters and artists Gretchen Peters, Matraca Berg and Suzy Bogguss will be playing 16 dates in June. Included will be an appearance at The Glastonbury Festival appearing on the Acoustic Stage on Sunday 26 June.
On Wednesday 22 June 2011, the BBC Radio 2 network is set to turn its schedule upside down for 2DAY – a -12 hour on air celebration of everything the station has to offer. Presenters Bob Harris and Mike Harding team up to introduce unique performances including these 3 ladies live from BBC's Maida Vale studios.

They have been longtime friends for 20 years. The first association came when Suzy was one of the first people Gretchen met when she moved to Nashville. Fast forward sitting around together chilling out after doing a show they discovered how much fun it was singing and harmonizing on songs that they had sung in bars.
Berg hatched the name Wine, Women & Song. One wonders as a country aficionado if she picked up on it with her citing Loretta Lynn as a major influence. The song of the same name appeared on her album BEFORE I’M OVER YOU in 1964 penned by Betty Sue Perry. Gretchen jokingly refers to the trio as Charlies Angels from the 70’s American TV Series. The cliché "wine, women, and song" describes a lifestyle or set of behaviors which are indulgent or pleasure-seeking!

Their concert format is like a Bluebird Café In The Round with loose implications - getting priorities straight, wine, then being friends and then throwing in some songs for good measure. They are comfortable with each other there are no egos! The essence with conversation as well as performing topics can take them anywhere. The nature of WW&S is a very off the cuff affair, the song selection changes from night to night. Between them they have a massive back catalogue of songs. The set can be changed according to mood, requests, etc. They like use 3 part harmony as much as possible.
No night is the same, Gretchen likens it to “coming to one our living rooms but with better hair and make-up

On their last tour in 2009 they were promoting a limited edition 6 track EP called THE SEWANEE SESSIONS recorded at a cabin getaway. It included the traditional ‘Farther Along’, ‘Heartache’ (Lowell George) and an adaption of ‘Wild Horses’ (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)

A new DVD filmed in historic Leipers Fork, Tennessee, is completed and it will be available at the UK shows and eventually in America.
Billed as “Wine, Women & Song: an evening of song, conversation and laughter with Suzy Bogguss, Gretchen Peters and Matraca Berg” - Expect plenty of all three!

Watch their Promotional Video and see a listing of all their UK Tour dates on their FACEBOOK page
Sources – BBC Press Release

About: Matraca Berg (“Quiet & Mysterious”)
Born in Music City, Matraca is one of the most respected songwriters in country music. She has credits on numerous albums with artists such as Patty Loveless, Gretchen Wilson, Suzy Bogguss, Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire. She is best known as the writer of the major smash single ‘Strawberry Wine’ recorded by Deana Carter which she won the Song of the Year at the CMA’s in 1997. Those female artists have the voice for her music over 20-years. Due to unfortunate events with labels Matraca did not have the success as a recording artist in her own right. Her magnificent 1997 album SUNDAY MORNING TO SATURDAY NIGHT is something of a lost in the ozone gem. Recorded on Rising Tide, not long after its release Universal Music closed down the label. Since then she concentrated solely as a songwriter, doing demos for other artists - she lives and breaths song writing.
The new single by Kenny Chesney (a duet with Grace Potter) called”You and Tequila,” (written by Matraca and Deana Carter) is moving up the Billboard Country Chart.

Encouraged by Gretchen Peters she toured the UK for the first time in 10-years in 2007 with WW &Song. On the 2009 tour Matraca was selling a limited pre-release called SOUTH OF HEAVEN.
This week 17 May 2011 she returned to the music world with THE DREAMING FIELDS, her first official album release for fourteen years.
It’s reflective of the influential records she grew up listening to ““I was raised on Harvest and Blue, Pieces of the Sky,” she says
The record examines the trials and tribulations of women’s lives. Trisha Yearwood has a rendition of the title cut Dreaming Fields on her album: HEAVEN, HEARTACHE, and AND THE POWER OF LOVE.
Expect to hear Matraca’s new songs on the tour.

About: Gretchen Peters (“Head Girl” / “The Geek”)
One of the finest songwriters in Nashville for over 20-years, Gretchen is probably best known as the writer of Martina McBride’s career song ‘Independence Day’. Over the years she has grown a large and loyal following in the UK, largely helped with exposure on BBC Radio 2 - Sir Terry Wogan being one of her admirers. Her ongoing popularity resulted in the concept of bringing over the WW&S show in 2007 – “I had this wild idea and it kind of just took off” she said. Gretchen is the brains, glue of the WW&Song trio and its main spokesperson.

In April she returned to America after a whirlwind tour of Holland and Germany. This comprised of 15 shows in 16 days – “Which flew by like the daredevils in the left lane of the Autobahn. The travel was both exhilarating and exhausting, as always. But it never fails to puts things into perspective “she says.
Her second stop-off on the tour was at the Crystal Club in Berlin. Read the German review for this show - or the English translation at

On the tourist tail in Cologne she saw a postcard with an aerial view of the cathedral just after the bombing in World War II. The cathedral stood alone like an apparition amid the ruins. She wondered if her father (who died a few years ago) was one of the B17 bomber pilots who flew over Cologne and dropped his payload there. She learnt from her mother, he was shot down while on a bombing run over Germany. His B17 bomber was chased by 25 German Focke-Wulf fighter planes. Her father's plane went down, so full of holes it sank in 90 seconds. They had one functional life raft and another that was half intact. The 9 surviving crewmen clung to them in the North Sea for six hours until they were rescued.

During May Gretchen has been in the studio working on a new album. The band consisted of Barry Walsh (her husband), Will Kimbrough, Doug Lancio, Viktor Krauss and John Gardner. Rodney Crowell sings a duet with her on a new song called ‘Dark Angel’. Gretchen is still in the process of completing this project regarding over-dubbing, vocals, etc. No release date has yet been set for the album. No doubt she will be showcasing some new material on the tour to give fans a tester of what to expect.

About: Suzy Bogguss (“The Blonde One” / “Farrah Fawcett “)
Suzy has co-written with both Gretchen Peters and Matraca Berg and recorded songs by both. These include ‘Give Me Some Wheels’, ‘Hey Cinderella’, ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘Waiting For The Light To Turn Green’.
She is certainly one of the finest female country singers over the past 20-years. As a small town girl hailing from Illinois, she started out as a yodelling singer booking her own shows and travelled in a camper van driving herself to each gig. She moved to Nashville in 1985, and with a step by step approach headlined at Dollywood, signed with Capitol Records garnering 1 platinum and 3 gold records which led to her winning in 1992 a Horizon Award at The CMA’s.

She last toured the UK as a solo artist in 2010. At those shows she was selling a limited edition CD sampler called WILDFLOWER. With songs such as ‘Shady Grove’, ‘Shenandoah’ and ‘Old Dan Tucker’ these American folk songs represented a preview of an expected 17 track recording called THE AMERICAN FOLK SONG PROJECT. Musicians taking part are Pat Bergeson, Charlie Chadwick, Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, and Harry Stinson. It is to be released via Cracker Barrel Records cited as a possible July release "It's different. It's kind of a palette cleanser," says Suzy (Source - The Boot)
Watch Suzy perform Shenandoah at the Folk Alliance Showcase -




Prepared by Bob Phillips, Public Relations Director, National Traditional Country Music Assn., Inc. 501(c)3 music preservationists
P O Box 492, Anita, Iowa, 50020, 712-762-4363,
Contacts follow story
Photos available at - The free online encyclopedia of Washington State History
     Soap Lake, Washington....."Who would have thought that one of the most impressive vocalists to ever emerge from the State of Washington, would at the age of 88, come out of retirement to perform at an old-time country music festival in Iowa?"  Bob Everhart is the President of the National Traditional Country Music Association, a large group of upper Midwest farmers, ranchers, down home country people, and small town folks, that have a deep and abiding respect for America's great traditional country music.  "We had Patti Page at our annual week-long event last year," Everhart said, "and one of the songs that she recorded was a beautiful piece of music called "Dark Moon."  Another very nice vocalist by the name of Gale Storm also recorded it.  She went on to become a star in the television show "My Little Margie."  The bottom line success of the song however, was and is Bonnie Guitar.  It was written by Ned Miller, and Bonnie Guitar recorded it first in 1957, with only her own Gretsch Country Club guitar, along with a bass player and Ned Miller, the composer, playing baroque treble figures on his capo'd guitar.  It was an instant hit.  The incredibly beautiful and haunting voice of Bonnie Guitar, along with the simple backing, made it an over-night love affair between Ms. Guitar and her rural audience.  In a very short time, it was proclaimed the biggest smash of the year, and Bonnie was on her way to the Ed Sullivan Show.  It wasn't much longer before she was 'on the road' with other super stars, her favorites being the Everly Brothers from Iowa.  Following the huge hit of "Dark Moon," with another one, "Mister Fire Eyes" found her on the Ranch Party, and Gene Autry's Melody Ranch Show in California.  She was offered an instant regular spot on the Grand Ole Opry, after just one appearance at the Ryman Auditorium."
     Bonnie Guitar had other aspirations.  "What I really liked to do, was studio work.  I loved it.  My whole musical being revolved around creating new musical sounds and recording techniques.  I loved being in the spotlight, but the road work made me weary.  I was far more at ease in the studio than I was traveling.  My father was a farmer, and a middling fiddler with a taste for Irish tenors, and a vast collection of old songs.  I had my first guitar when I was 13, and listened to Nick Lucas.  I also listened to folk singers like Woody Guthrie.  My favorite guitarist was Django Reinhardt.  Most fun for me was 'creating' new sounds on the guitar."
     Back in Seattle, Washington in 1956, she teamed up with a promotion man, Bob Reisdorff, who had dreams of establishing his own recording company, and with the help of Bonnie, they formed Dolton Records.  Combining Bonnie's incredible studio abilities with Reisdorff's promotional skills, a group called the Fleetwoods, soon had a hit on their hands "Come Softly To Me."  This led them to another hit, mastered in the studio by Bonnie, "Mr. Blue."  Instant fame and lots of money eventually led to disagreements, and a parting of the ways.  Bonnie Guitar was hired as Artist & Repertoire for RCA Records, an almost unheard of position for a female in the recording business.  This also led her to releasing many successful country music recordings.  She worked with Eddy Arnold, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Sonny James, and Willie Nelson.  When her contract expired with RCA, she went directly to Dot Records, with even more country music independence and success, including her huge hit "I'm Living In Two Different Worlds."   The Country & Western Music Academy named her their Top Female Vocalist of the Year in 1966. 
     "In 1983, Bonnie's heart was broken by the death of her long-ailing husband, and she withdrew from public life.  It took a long time for her to finally accept an offer to do some singing at the local Notaras Lodge in Soap Lake, Washington.  What began as a supposed one-off gig, turned into one that she is still doing."  It was at the Notaras Lodge that Bob Everhart finally tracked her down, and a short conversation led to an agreement to attend the 36th National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, to be inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  "The festival actually lasts for seven days, August 29 through September 4th," Everhart noted, "and Bonnie Guitar will be with us on September 3rd, for a "Revival of 'Dark Moon.'  She will be joined by Grand Ole Opry stars Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, and Jeannie Seely."
     More information at the NTCMA website at
Bob Everhart -

Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

In the last newsletter I covered materials that are used in steel guitars, namely the exotic woods.  Everyone agrees that maple, well dried makes about the best sounding body that can be built.  Well dried maple from 5/8ths to 3/4ths seems to be the trick when it comes to building a good steel guitar body.  Maple is getting harder and harder to find every year.  That is, maple with good knurled grain.  Straight grain maple is a lot easier to find and to my ear, straight grain maple sounds about as good as birdseye or fiddle-back maple.

But if you�re not going to paint the wood or cover it with mica, the grain in the birdseye maple will really help the value of the guitar.  You�ll find grain in maple that you won�t find in most other kinds of wood.  After all, whoever heard of curly ebony?

At times, you will run across some walnut with good grain and possibly a small piece of birch, but maple is what you need to look for, for tone.  Many people have asked me what difference the kind of wood makes for tone because it�s a solid body guitar, not an acoustic body and they�ll say, �It�s the pickup where the tone comes from and not the body.�

Nothing could be more ridiculous or farther from the truth.  If the guitar doesn�t sound good acoustically it�s not going to sound good when you put a pickup in or a microphone in front of  it.  As I have said many times before, it�s not the microphone that makes the singer sound good, it the way he sounds normally without being amplified.

Sure, a tiny amount of the timbre comes from the amplifier, the tape machine, the cords, the microphone and so on, but if the tone isn�t being made at the source, the finest equipment in the world won�t help.

The bridge on a steel guitar, the way it is mounted and where it is placed as to the string length is also very important.  This is why Fender Stringmasters sound very differently even though the guitars are make out of the same wood in pretty much the same way.  The string length being twenty two and a half, twenty four and a half or twenty six will sound amazingly different.

What I�m trying to tell you here is there are many things that can affect the tone of a steel guitar, even if they all have the same pickup.  There are a couple of pedal steel guitars made today that I see people raving about how incredible they are, but these people are having tremendous problems with the tone of the guitar.  These players are continuously trading their pickups around.  They�re buying TrueTones, Alumatones, Lawrence and GeorgeLs trying to fix the tone of their steel guitar, but to no avail.

Soon they realize that they are fighting an uphill battle, even with great amplifiers, they�re having serious problems but they�ll never get fixed with different pickups.  There will always be a market for these guitars because many people just don�t realize what the problem is, and many wouldn�t notice the problem if they did know tone.

I remember in my first years of playing steel guitar, I always wanted to get a Bigsby pickup to put on my guitar.  I went on for years.  I finally bought a used Bigsby pickup from Shot Jackson.  I put it on my guitar and it still didn�t fix my tone.  The guitar just had to be right and it wasn�t.

I used to think Chet Atkins tone was all in his black Gretsch pickups make by DeArmond.  Then he switched to Gibson.  His tone did not get any worse, but stayed pretty much the same.  A lot of it had to do with his hands, the way he set the controls on the amplifier and his aggressiveness or execution in playing the Gibson.  

The same thing here goes for steel guitar.  It�s hard to beat an Emmons push pull through a Standel or Webb amplifier.  I�ve heard some incredible Sho-Buds through old Fenders and I�ve heard Sho-Buds through several other kinds of amps.  Then I�ve heard some bad steel guitars that I won�t name here that sounded bad no matter what you plugged them into.

The reason I�m bringing all this up is that in the last two months I�ve had many steel players email me saying their tone is nowhere near as gorgeous as I get on records.  They want to know how myself, Lloyd Green and many of the Nashville players get the tone that we do.

It�s really pretty easy to get a good tone if you have the right guitar and a very good amplifier, the right cords, volume pedal and attack the strings correctly with your right hand.  If you ever get a chance to see Ron Elliott play, watch him closely.  Lloyd is a good player, gets good tone as is Steve Hinson with Randy Travis and many other players in this town that sound really good.  They pick correctly with good right hand technique and are pretty fanatical about their equipment.

I was pretty shocked the other night to hear Lynn Owsley get such a good tone from what I considered a somewhat off brand guitar, but he sounded great through a Webb amplifier.  Jimmy Day also sounded great as you�ll remember through a Webb amplifier.

One more thing I�d like to add before I close out this newsletter is guitars that were previously owned by star players.  It�s foolish to think that these guitars are better because so and so star had them and played them for several years.  Guitars of the same brand and model are pretty much created equal.  What makes them sound different is the player and his choice of amplifier settings and his technique.

Listen to the difference in Curly Chalkers playing and Ralph Mooneys playing.  The difference is night and day, however both can be playing the same brand of guitar.  It�s not all their hands.  It�s their choice of amplifier settings and their minute choices of cords, picks, volume pedals and effects.

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM � 4PM Monday � Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Craig Campbell to Perform Free Concert


Campbell to Perform Free Concert Following the Race

Nashville, TN…(May 19, 2011)…Just days before he’s set to hit the road with Willie Nelson on the Country Throwdown Tour, Bigger Picture Group singer/songwriter Craig Campbell will perform the national anthem at the start of the NASCAR Nationwide Series "Iowa Dealers 250." The race will broadcast live from Iowa Speedway on Sunday, May 22 at 2pm EST on ABC-TV.

Immediately following the race, Campbell will perform a free concert for race attendees. Tickets for the race and free concert can be purchased by visiting

ABOUT CRAIG CAMPBELL: After moving from his hometown of Lyons, Georgia to Nashville in 2002 to pursue his country music dreams, Craig Campbell quickly picked up work as a keyboardist in Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd’s bands and was later discovered playing a regular gig at legendary Nashville honky-tonk, The Stage. The singer-songwriter has earned well-deserved praise from the country’s toughest critics for his recently released self-titled debut album. Campbell’s autobiographical lead single, “Family Man” was a top 15 hit and the new single “Fish” is out now. Starting this month he’ll join Willie Nelson on the Country Throwdown Tour. To learn more about Craig, visit and follow him on Twitter @craigcampbelltv.



Nashville, Tennessee (May 19, 2011) – With their current single, "You Lie," now in the Top 10 at Country radio, Republic Nashville’s The Band Perry got a big surprise last night when music executive and in-house Idol mentor, Jimmy Iovine, chose their Grammy-nominated hit, "If I Die Young," for American Idol semi-finalist Lauren Alaina to sing.

"Hearing, ‘If I Die Young,’ on Idol was a proud moment," said The Band Perry. "It's so exciting to see a song we wrote in our basement walk its way onto one of America's biggest stages. We wish Lauren much luck in the competition and thank her for lending such a sweet voice to our song."

“If I Die Young,” reached #1 on the Country radio charts and was certified Platinum for selling over 1 MILLION copies.

About THE BAND PERRY: The self-titled debut album by the family band was released in October 2010 and just four months later, it was certified Gold. The trio’s “modern throwback” style combines classic Country with an eclectic infusion of Rock, Gospel and Soul. As songwriters and musicians, their sound is distinct and rounded out by the rare magic of perfect three-part harmonies. Their first single, the up-tempo “Hip To My Heart” was a Top 20 hit, followed by the inspiring, reflective “If I Die Young,” which earned a Grammy nomination, reached #1, was certified Platinum and racked up over 18 million views on YouTube. The Band Perry recently revealed their third single, “You Lie.” The sassy anthem of a woman scorned features wordplay that proves the pen is mightier than the sword. “You Lie” is TBP’s fastest-climbing radio single to date, already in the Top 10 on Country Charts. Having previously garnered Grammy, CMA and ACA nominations, The Band Perry recently earned their first ACM Awards for "New Duo or Group of the Year" and the coveted "New Artist of the Year." They also are up for 3 CMT Music Awards, including “Video of the Year,” “Group of the Year” and “USAWEEKEND Breakthrough Video of the Year.” Currently they are on Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour and will join Keith Urban on the road in September.

19.05.2011: CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 3

Melanie C: Single: Rock Me

Melanie C

Single: Rock Me
VÖ: 24.06.2011

MELANIE C meldet sich zurück mit Rock Me,dem ZDF-Song zur FIFA Frauen-WM. Vier Jahre nach ihrem Album This Time ist MELANIE C mit einem brandneuen Song zurück! Rock Me heißt der Track, der gleichzeitig Vorbote für ihr fünftes Album ist und zum Symbol für ein in der Tat sehr weibliches Sportevent wird. Denn Rock Me wird der ZDF-Song zur FIFA Frauen-WM sein, die in diesem Jahr in Deutschland ausgetragen wird. Der Song wurde von MELANIE selbst, Dave Roth und David Jost geschrieben und von Roth und Andy Chatterley produziert. Wie der Titel schon vermuten lässt, bringt Rock Me die gesamte Energie und Emotion des wohl schönsten Sportspiels der Welt auf den Punkt. Sein mitreißender Refrain und der dynamische Beat sind zudem das perfekte Spielfeld für MELANIE Cs energetischen Gesang und ihre vitale Performance. Kein Zweifel: Rock Me wird für alle MELANIE C- und Fußball-Fans eine echter Hit werden. Doch noch bevor die Neuauflage des “Sommermärchens” startet, präsentiert Melanie C ihre neue Single live im deutschen TV - am 25. Juni im Rahmen einer weiteren Weltmeisterschaft, direkt vor Felix Sturms Titelverteidigung im Mittelgewicht in der Kölner Lanxess-Arena
The Baseballs: Single: Candy Shop

The Baseballs

Single: Candy Shop
VÖ: 24.06.2011

The Baseballs haben erfolgreich zum zweiten Schlag ausgeholt! Mit ihrem zweiten Album Strings 'n' Stripes überrollten sie Europa erneut mit ihren ganz eigenen Versionen bekannter Hits im typischen The Baseballs Voc ‚n‘ Roll Style. Den Startschuss zu ihrer Karriere gab 2009 der Song Umbrella: Im neuen 50ies-Kleid eroberte er die Charts und Clubs rund um den Globus, zwei Jahre nach seiner Veröffentlichung zählt das Video über 14 Millionen stolze Klicks & eine ECHO-Nominierung. Mit Candy Shop legen Sam, Basti & Digger jetzt ihre brandneue Single vor. Im Original von Rapper 50 Cent, in der Baseballs-Versions so gar nicht Gangster, sondern zuckersüß wie Candy eben sein muss. Der perfekte Soundtrack für einen Tanz durch den Sommer! Als B-Seite wird exklusiv der bislang unveröffentlichte Song Born This Way – im Original von Lady Gaga – in der The Baseballs-Version zu hören sein.
Beatsteaks: Single: Automatic (Future Cut Radio Edit)


Single: Automatic (Future Cut Radio Edit)
VÖ: 24.06.2011

Nachdem bereits am 6. Mai der neue Radio-Edit von Automatic ans Radio ging, freuen wir uns berichten zu können, dass es schon wieder neue frohe Kunde aus dem Hause Beatsteaks gibt. Die Erfolgsproduzenten Future Cut haben sich Automatic angenommen und einen ganz fabelhafen Remix daraus gebastelt. Future Cut stecken die beiden Erfolgs-Produzenten Darren Lewis und Tunde Babalola. Ursprünglich aus dem Metalheadz Umfeld kommend produzieren sie heute Tracks und Remixe unter anderem für Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, Plan B, Dizzee Rascal und Kelis. Future Cut hat grosse Teile des letzten Lilly Allen Albums produziert und konnten mit ihrem „Smile“ einen weltweiten Top10 Hit landen. Nachdem sie das Beatsteaks Album und vor allem den Titel Automatic gehört haben wollten sie unbedingt einen Mix machen.
Am 24.06.wird die groovige Radio Edit-Version von Automatic veröffentlicht, die nach den Smash-Hits Milk & Honey und Cheap Comments mittlerweile dritte Single, für die kein Geringerer als Peter Fox als Co-Writer verantwortlich zeichnet, des Nummer-1- und Gold-Albums Boombox – und das in einer völlig neuen Mix-Version. Dass bei solch einer kongenialen Hauptstadt-Kollaboration nur etwas Großes herauskommen kann, daran dürfte wohl niemand ernsthafte Zweifel hegen. Und nachdem der vor unwiderstehlichem Gute-Laune-Feeling nur so strotzende Sommer-Hit die Radiostationen erobert hat, wird er am 24. Juni, pünktlich und passend zum Sommeranfang, dann auch als offizielle Single für die Fans veröffentlicht.
MiMi: Album: Road To Last Night


Album: Road To Last Night
VÖ: 10.06.2011

Auf dem Land und in den Suburbs hat man keine Wahl. Da muss man Musik machen, weil es sonst nichts zu tun gibt. Aber MiMi ist ein Großstadtmädchen. Schon von Geburt an. MiMi kommt aus London – okay, das ist die Stadt der Musik schlechthin, aber sie hätte auch ganz andere Sachen mit ihr machen können: Ein rückhaltloses Partytier hätte in London aus MiMi werden können. Oder ein trauriges It-Girl, das seinen flockigen Ruhm ständig selbst behaupten muss. Hätte auch passieren können, dass Lärm und flüchtige Freundschaften ihr irgendwann auf die Nerven gehen. Dann wäre sie vielleicht aufs Land gezogen und würde jetzt Lämmchen züchten.  Aber MiMi macht Musik. Ganz besondere Musik. Songs, wie sie kein anderer Mensch auf der Welt, in keiner anderen Stadt der Erde schreiben und singen könnte. Über die Power des Alleinseins, über die Jagd und die Träume von übermorgen. Blumig und rau. Sachen, die man nicht nachgeworfen kriegt. Und längst hören ihr nicht mehr nur die Nachtschwärmer und Nachbarn zu. Sondern alle, die ihre Lieblingsmusik auf der richtigen Frequenz empfangen. MiMi macht Songwriter-Pop, Herzgebrochenen-Rock’n’Roll, Gedichte für die Handinnenfläche, laute Songs für Nächte ohne Schlaf, Lieder für die Fahrt über die „Natural Born Killers“-Landstraße (nachdem die Killer im Bett sind), die man ab und zu unterbrechen muss, um auf einem leeren Parkplatz verrückt zu tanzen. MiMis erstes Album „Road To Last Night“ klingt oft ein wenig nach Amerika, mit schnarrenden Bottleneck-Gitarren, Wüstenorgel und einem gewissen Blues-Stomp. Obwohl MiMi wie gesagt aus London kommt und die Platte in Hamburg produziert wurde. 
Portugal. The Man: Single: Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)

Portugal. The Man

Single: Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)
VÖ: 20.05.2011

Sechs Alben in fünfeinhalb Jahren – dass sich die extravaganten US-Indierocker PORTUGAL. THE MAN auf ihren Meriten ausruhen würden, kann man nun wirklich nicht behaupten. Ebenso wenig, dass durch die enorme Frequenz, mit der sie ein faszinierendes Album nach dem anderen „ausspucken“, ihre Musik verwässern, nachlassen oder an Bedeutung verlieren würde. Dass eher das Gegenteil der Fall ist, beweist das außergewöhnliche Quartett, dessen seit jeher Musik nomadenhaft an den Genregrenzen umherschleicht und dabei oft im unbesiedelten klanglichen Niemandsland die Pionierflagge in den Boden rammt, nun mit der ersten Single seines am 15. Juli erscheinenden sechsten Studioalbums In The Mountain In The Cloud.
Got It All (This Can’t Be Living All) haben PORTUGAL. THE MAN den Vorreiter ihres ersten Major-Albums getauft, der schon nach wenigen Sekunden jenes schaurig-schöne Prickeln auslöst, wie es wohl nur die vier Musik-Magier mit dem einprägsam-absonderlichen Bandnamen aus den Ärmeln zaubern können. „This can’t be living all, if so then show me how“, fordert Goldstimme John Gourley gleich zu Beginn des nur scheinbar fröhlichen Songs, dessen klangliche Lebenslust stark mit dem düsteren Vibe der Lyrics kontrastiert und den Hörer in ein Wechselbad aus sommerlicher Heiterkeit und geheimnisvoller Melancholie stürzt. Ein spektakulärer musikalischer Drahtseilakt, den kaum eine zweite Rockband so meisterlich beherrscht wie PORTUGAL. THE MAN.
Colonel Reyel: Single: Celui

Colonel Reyel

Single: Celui
VÖ: 17.06.2011

Gratis-Kurzurlaub in der Karibik gefällig? Sehr gern, wenn auch nur für knackig-knappe dreieinhalb Minuten, die es dafür aber in sich haben. Was Sie während des aufregenden Shorttrips erwartet? Azurblaues Wasser, sich im Wind wiegende Palmen, weiße Traumstrände bis zum Horizont, ein wirklicher Bilderbuch-Sonnenuntergang und natürlich eine heiß lodernde Amour Fou; eine verhängnisvolle Affäre mit dem momentan angesagtesten Rapper des französischsprachigen Raumes: COLONEL REYEL! Bekannt geworden durch seine rasend schnell zum Kult avancierte Band Septentrional Crew startete der aus Paris stammende Ausnahmeperformer und Dancefloor-Filler Remi Ranguin alias COLONEL REYEL im Jahre 2008 unter großem Aufsehen seine steile Solokarriere - mit seiner Mega-Erfolgssingle „Celui“ setzt der einstimmig erkorene und vielfach ausgezeichnete „Soldat der Liebe“ nun auch zum großen Sprung aufs europäische Festland an!
Dabei ist der COLONEL zumindest in frankophilen Ländern alles andere als ein unbeschriebenes Blatt, wie nicht nur mehr als 220.000 Facebook-Fans oder weit über 26 Millionen Views seiner Clips auf YouTube belegen - so war COLONEL REYEL kürzlich zeitweise mit nicht weniger als drei (!) Hitsingles sowie seinem kürzlich releasten Nr. 1-Debütalbum „Au Rapport“ parallel in den französischen Charts vertreten! So katapultierte man sich mit „Celui“ sowie der Nachfolgesingle „Toutes Les Nuits“ jeweils an die absoluten Spitzen der Single- und Radiocharts; der Debüttrack „Celui“ wurde soeben zur meistverkauften Single des Jahres gekürt! Nachdem das kleine Independent-Label Play-On in der Vergangenheit schon durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit dem ebenfalls Chart stürmenden Chanson-Popshootingstar, der französischen Top1-Singer/ Songwriterhoffnung Zaz eine phantastische Talentspürnase bewiesen hat, geht COLONEL REYEL als neueste Entdeckung aus der kleinen aber feinen Talentschmiede hervor. Monsieur REYEL ist der neue Stern am französischsprachigen Rap/ Dancehall/ Zouk-Himmel und 2011 markiert auch hierzulande sein großes Durchbruchsjahr!
Huecco: Single: Dame Vida (Remixe)


Single: Dame Vida (Remixe)
VÖ: 17.06.2011

„Dame Vida by Huecco – the revolutionary fusion of light, sports and music for those who need it most.”
HUECCOs kommende Single „Dame Vida“ ist mehr als nur ein Gute-Laune-Sommerhit. Der spanische Sänger spendet die Erlöse seiner Single an das gleichnamige Charity Projekt, das in Afrika den SOCCKET Ball verbreitet. Dieser Ball kann Bewegungsenergie speichern und durch eine LED Lampe in Licht umwandeln. Das ist ein wertvolles Geschenk, denn in Afrika fehlt es an einer flächendeckenden Stromversorgung.  Die Dame Vida Organisation ist eine Herzensangelegenheit für HUECCO. Deshalb hat er alles daran gesetzt um sich möglichst viele namenhafte Sportler für dieses Projekt mit ins Boot zu holen. In dem Musikvideo zu „Dame Vida“ spielen niemand geringeres als Thomas Müller und Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern), David Villa und Dani Alves (FC Barcelona), Mezut Ösil und Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Kun Agüero (Schwiegersohn von Diego Maradona, Atletico Madrid), Pepe Reina (FC Liverpool), Jose Manuel Calderon (NBA SpielerToronto Raptors), Juan Carlos Navarro (Kapitän des spanischen Basketball Nationalteam), Jorge Lorenzo (Motorrad GP Weltmeister), Caroline Wozniacki (Nummer 1 im Damen Tennis) und das Frauen Fussball Nationalteam von Haiti.
Musiq Soulchild: Album: Musiqinthemagiq

Musiq Soulchild

Album: Musiqinthemagiq
VÖ: 27.05.2011

Für Musiq, der seine Stimme und seine Erfahrungen dem Erbe der großen Soulkünstler hinzufügt, bedeutet Musik Erlösung, Liebe, Mysterium, Gemeinschaft, Leben. Und er sieht seinen Platz klar vor sich. „Ich muss mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen,“ sagt er. „So viele Künstler meckern und beschweren sich, aber ich sage immer: ‚Dude, was trägst du zur Veränderung bei?’ Ich versuche, mich zusammen zu reißen und meinen Teil dazu beizutragen. Und ich hoffe, dass ich genug Leute inspiriere, den Wechsel herbeizuführen. Damit meine ich, dass die Dinge so werden sollten, wie sie einmal waren – nicht nur weil die Musik damals so großartig war, sondern damit wir sie auf ein neues Level führen können, die Gegenwart und auch die Vergangenheit!“ Und so klingt MUSIQ SOULCHILD: Das Album berührt eine Reihe von Musikstilen, Spanning Hip-Hop, R & B, Jazz, Blues und sogar Klassik

Death Cab For Cutie


Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH

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