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Lonesome River Band celebrating #1 Album as they welcome new band member

Amy Black Takes Her Shot With Sophomore Album One Time Juggling Success in the Business World with Following Her Dreams of Music



Download Some Mayberry Magic Today!

UK Sensation, Israel Nash Gripka, Looks to Make a Splash Stateside With Sophomore Album Barn Doors & Concrete Floors



Tickets on Sale Now for Flood Anniversary Event; Artwork for Auction Announced




THE GRASCALS Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show With DANCE 'TIL YOUR STOCKINGS ARE HOT AND RAVELIN'

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Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

Well it seems like steel guitar is getting more popular everywhere you look. Buried down in many commercials and jingles on television and radio and right out front in many TV shows and I’m seeing many new young players come in to my store then show up a year or two later playing incredibly well. This looks like steel guitar is going through the roof in popularity. It’s hard to find somebody anymore that doesn’t know what a pedal guitar is.

And because of so many rock acts using steel, it’s losing its reputation as being that whiny thing on just country. My new jazz album has done very well in sales and I have just seen new resurgence from deejays playing my instrumentals in The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

So this begs to ask the question, why is attendance way down in a couple of the biggest steel guitar shows in the United States? Is it that people are sick and tired of hearing the same steel players on every show play the same songs on every show? Or is it the price of gasoline and transportation in general? I know of one manufacturer that had a display in Dallas this year that cost him thirteen hundred and ninety dollars for the booth to do his display and he received no orders for guitars even though he did have a lot of interest.

Remember, this money contributes to the overhead that all future customers will have to pay to make up the deficit. I doubt if you’ll see this great company at any shows in the immediate future. If any of you have gone to either of these major shows, please don’t be discouraged because the producers of these steel shows are doing their best to cover all the bases. They have great players, educational seminars and many products that can be helpful to all of you.

I hear complaints from many of the players that they can’t do many new songs they would like to do because the musicians that are hired to back them up are just plain not familiar with the material. This means possibly that they should bring complete number charts and the producer of the show should hire musicians that can read these charts.

Overall, I feel these shows are very helpful to the industry. So don’t forget these major shows when you make your plans in March and September. You’ve got a lot of people working very hard to provide you an opportunity to get face to face with great players, to learn and share techniques with each other, to make new friends and see old ones and so much more.

I would like to say right now very emphatically that I was not referring to Robert Randolph in my last newsletter when I was talking about show biz antics replacing musicianship. Robert Randolph is a much better player than what he does on his rock n roll style shows. Robert came in my store a few years ago and started playing a Lloyd Green Sho-Bud which was plugged in, in the tryout area of my store, and proceeded to play notes faster than I’d heard about anybody and I mean playing them extremely well.

He sounded like a quartet of machine guns all by himself, putting out notes that were as perfect as any great jazz piano player I have ever heard. I staggered over to the telephone and called Doug Jernigan. I told Doug on the phone to guess who the steel player was. Doug said, “Wow, it sounds like young Mr. Tommy White but faster.”

I said, “No, you’re wrong. Get over here quick. This guy’s only 16 years old and black.”

Doug laughed and said, “No way! I’ll be right over.”

Then I preceded to call Lloyd Green. Lloyd couldn’t believe what he heard over the phone and immediately jumped in his BMW and came straight over to the store. The three of them played and jammed until I closed late in the afternoon.

Now I’ll admit, when I see Robert doing the Late Show or David Letterman, I don’t hear any of these great things he played while in my store, but instead he sounds more like BB King on steroids, more soulful but laid back. So I’m thinking he is tailoring what he knows to the audience at hand, which I credit him for.

I’m not saying he’s the greatest musician, but he definitely is a great player when it comes to execution and the show biz part of it. If I had a soul gospel group to be connected with around the world, I would love to have Robert Randolph in it. He’s really a better player than he lets on in his late night television appearances.

No, I don’t really like what he plays on some of these shows, but I know that he retains the ability to play about anything he wants to play and I give him credit for that and he’s a thousand times ahead of Mr. Country Steel Guitar that has to rock his steel guitar back and forth in the middle of the show to try to get the children that are watching to exclaim, “Wow!”

To put it bluntly, Robert Randolph really is a monster player, but just on a different plane that a lot of the rest of us.

Another good thing about going to steel guitar shows is getting to see the products of some of the new manufacturers that have come up on the scene. Two manufacturers that come to mind that put out tremendous products are the Jackson brothers that’s you’ve heard me yelp about many times in the past. Clinesmith is another one.

Todd Clinesmith is a very famous craftsman, still not forty years old as of this writing. The products he designs and builds are second to none. What he’s building is a Bigsby steel guitar that have fame and beauty ever since it was introduced in the mid-forties. Todd’s expertise is not in innovative thinking as much as it is in the quality of workmanship that he puts into these Bigsby guitars.

I say Bigsby guitars because even though they don’t have a Bigsby serial number, they are manufactured from genuine Bigsby stock that was manufactured by Paul A. Bigsby himself. To call guitars knockoffs of the Bigsby guitar is a discredit to Bigsby and Clinesmith. What it actually is, is a Bigsby steel guitar built with better finish, polishing and overall care than the original ones built in Downy, California were. I love mine as much as I do my Bigsby.

One of the funniest Ralph Mooney stories I was reminded of while having a conversation with Ray Rider who was Waylon’s road manager. During a show in Las Vegas in one of the outlying casinos, Ralph got to drinking a little heavily and started getting very homesick for his wife and dog back in Fort Worth.

As we all know, Vegas is a long way from Fort Worth, so on the first break, Mooney went to Waylon and said, “I want you to fly me home after this gig. I don’t wanna have to ride the bus all the way back home. I’m in a hurry. I want to see my wife.”

Waylon said, “No way. You can ride the bus just like the rest of us.”

Mooney got to thinking about this during the second set, laid his bar down on the steel guitar after the second song, walked off the stage and told the bus driver he needed to see the keys to get something he needed off the bus.

He went to the bus, fired it up and drove out on to the main drag in Vegas, went out to the interstate and headed south toward Phoenix. He continued on and on and on. He got to Albuquerque before the Highway Patrol pulled him over, came along the side of the bus and beat on the door. Mooney opened the door and one of the officers yelled at him, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Mooney looked at him and smiled and said, “I’m going home to see Mrs. Moon.”

After much arguing over the phone at the police station, Waylon flew Mooney to Fort Worth and flew the driver out from Vegas to pick the bus up. All this and Mooney didn’t get fired, but got a month off without pay. He didn’t mind because he got to stay with Mrs. Moon and his dog Peppers. How can you not love Mr. Moon?

News Flash: Tommy White just called and said he’s doing the ACM Awards which I think is wonderful because now at least, steel guitar will be represented big time by one of the greatest. I just Tommy overplays and sets the west coast on fire with his abilities, because I know he can. Tommy also says he’s doing another television special called Girl’s Night Out. This should be a big plus and a big help to the reputation of steel players everywhere.

Go get’em TW. Your friends in the entire steel guitar world.

Tommy is going to have to play on some complex television sound tracks and live television, intros, turnarounds and fills. Tommy will undoubtedly not be seen. His talents will have to be heard to be appreciated. If he were only a jump-around, show biz kind of player, he would not have been hired for these great steel guitar jobs. Being able to play still comes down to the most important thing you can do if you’re a pro player.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

"Germany's next Topmodel" - The Best Catwalk Hits 2011

"Germany's next Topmodel" - The Best Catwalk Hits 2011
various artists, "Germany's next Topmodel" - The Best Catwalk Hits 2011

Mit Bullmeister, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Rihanna, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, The Black Eyed Peas, Far East Movement, u.v.m.

Eine top Figur und super Ausstrahlung, das richtige Posing und einen sexy Gang über den Catwalk, selbstverständlich in mega High Heels – das sind nur einige Voraussetzungen, um die Jury zu beeindrucken. Denn nur eine kann "Germany’s next Topmodel" werden!
Seit dem 03.03.2011 fiebern wieder Millionen Zuschauer, immer donnerstags um 20:15 Uhr auf ProSieben, mit den Kandidatinnen mit, die sich zahlreichen Herausforderungen stellen müssen.
Ob Berlin, Paris, London oder New York, coole Beats und neue Sounds begleiten die Mädels auf den Laufstegen rund um den Globus, denn erst die richtige Musikauswahl macht den Catwalk zur großen Showbühne!
Deshalb gibt es auch zur aktuellen Staffel einen passenden Soundtrack mit 42 grandiosen Tracks: "Germany’s next Topmodel" – The Best Catwalk Hits 2011 erscheint am 08.04. überall im Handel.
Eröffnet wird die Doppel-CD selbstverständlich mit "Girls Beautiful" von Bullmeister. Der iTunes-Top 10-Single-Track ist nicht nur eine Dancefloor-Granate par excellence, sondern auch der offizielle Titelsong zur ProSieben Show und darf hier natürlich nicht fehlen! „Girls Beautiful“ bietet zudem einen großartigen Vorgeschmack auf das Debüt-Album „Too Young To Die Old“ des Berliner Trios, welches am 29. April 2011 erscheinen wird.
"Germany’s next Topmodel” – The Best Catwalk Hits 2011 vereint die Highlights aus den Charts! Allen voran Popgöttin Lady Gaga mit ihrem Nummer 1 Hit "Born This Way" sowie Rihanna, Taio Cruz, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars, The Black Eyed Peas oder David Guetta mit den neuesten Tunes aus den Clubs – zum Teil noch unveröffentlicht.
Des Weiteren befinden sich einige Geheimtipps und interessante Newcomer auf dem Tonträger, die im Musikbiz sicher bald für Furore sorgen werden oder bereits außerhalb unseres Landes die Charts aufmischen, wie z.B. US Fashion-Liebling Nicki Minaj oder UK Star Jessie J.
Keine Competition ohne die neue "Germany’s next Topmodel” – The Best Catwalk Hits 2011! Das Must-Have für jedes Fashion-Victim! "Sexy – Hot – Progressive!"
Die Doppel-CD "Germany's next Topmodel" - The Best Catwalk Hits 2011 ist ab dem 08.04.2011 überall im Handel erhältlich.
Hier kannst du in die CD reinhören.
CD 1
1. Bullmeister - Girls Beautiful
2. Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - Hello
3. Lady Gaga - Born This Way
4. Rihanna - S&M
5. David Guetta feat. Rihanna - Who's That Chick?
6. Flo Rida - Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)
7. Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue - Higher
8. Natalia Kills - Mirrors
9. Inna - Sun Is Up
10. Medina - Gutter
11. Avicii - Street Dancer
12. Pleasurekraft - Carny
13. The Rio Girls - Neonlights
14. Kleerup feat. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
15. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
16. Yelle - Safari Disco Club
17. I Blame Coco - Selfmachine
18. Foe - Genie In A Coke Can (Alec Empire Remix)
19. The Naked And Famous - Young Blood
20. Neon Trees - Animal
21. White Lies - Bigger Than Us
CD 2
1. The Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough
2. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
3. Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer
4. Nicki Minaj - Your Love
5. Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz - 6 Foot 7 Foot
6. Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude
7. Ke$ha - We R Who We R
8. Pitbull feat. T-Pain - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)
9. Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
10. Ian Carey feat. Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony - Last Night
11. Bob Sinclar feat. Sean Paul - Tik Tok
12. Roger Sanchez feat. Far East Movement and Kanobby - 2Gether
13. Benny Benassi feat. T-Pain - Electroman
14. Kelis - Acapella
15. Jesus Luz - Every Single Girl Tonight (Yves LaRock Remix)
16. BerliNYC - A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass (We Love Barbra, too)
17. Stars On 45 - 45
18. Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios - Hey (Nah Neh Nah)
19. Culcha Candela - Berlin City Girl
20. Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me
21. Caro Emerald - A Night Like This

CD Reviews April 2011

CD Reviews April 2011

Roger And The Rockets – Unknown Man


1. Educated man (2:26) 2. Out of this place (4:00) 3. Unknown man (free) (3:21) 4. I got hope (3:05) 5. Praise the Lord (3:24) 6. Dead end town (3:23) 7. Wedding day (2:34) 8. Silver & gold (3:01) 9. What a ride (3:26) 10. Hardship trail (2:34) 11. When my sweetheart is gone (2:54) 12. The road (3:05) 13. Snowy mountain (3:38) 14. By the water (3:10) 15. When I'm done (3:04) 16. Tossing a coin (3:27) 17. Ride on (3:24)
The Album "Unknown Man" by Roger And The Rockets is now somewhat older, since it landed on his desk. It's a shame, because the CD is exceptionally well; a mixture of traditional Folk, Country Music and Americana along with different songs. Would the CD with their 17 Songs be your treasure chest, only be recommended to look. Order the CD on the Bandwebseite.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Art Napoleon – Greeland Covers



1. You've Really Got A Hold On Me 2. Wildflowers 3. Redemption Song 4. Talkin Bout A Revolution 5. Creeland Blues 6. Jambalaya 7. Pocahontas 8. Rain 9. Weary Blues From Waiting
10. Long As I Can See The Light 11. It's All Over Now

It is certainly not under the heading shimmering personality, his grandparents ensured that the young on the ground of reality remains. Art Napoleon brings its very own Interpretation in the classics like "Jambalaya" or "Weary Blues From Waiting". In "Greeland Blues" shoots the bird. The Song is so right into the blood, because time is so completely different. Who loves the unusual, should look at the Album "Greeland Covers" of Art Napoleon with its 11 Songs.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

That'll Flat … Git It Vol. 27

Baer Family Records

BCD 16838 AH

1. Yah! I'm Movin' - Patton, Jimmy 2. Tuscaloosa Lucy - Pullen, Whitey 3. Got The Best Of Me - Bowser, Donnie 4. Walk My Way Back Home - Pullen, Whitey 5. Watcha Do To Me - Clark, Patsy 6. Four Wheel Bugalow - Morris, Jack 7. Let Me Slide - Patton, Jimmy 8. O. K. Doll, It's A Deal - King, Joannie 9. Teenage Queen - Barron, Lonnie 10. Let's All Go Wild Tonight - Pullen, Whitey 11. Honky Tonk Queen - Thornton, Larry 12. I Wanta Be Free - Harlene, Evelyn with Casey Cla 13. Lost John - Clark, Casey & The Lazy Ranch 14. Drinkin' Wine - Pullen, Whitey 15. Climbing This Mountain - Fields, Goldie 16. Sadie Mae - York, Rusty 17. Hey Baby - Gabbard, Harley & Aubrey Holt 18. Love, Come Back To Me - Patton, Jimmy 19. Chatterbox - Fields, Goldie 20. Knockin' My Head (Against A Cold Stone Wall) - Lile, Bobby 21. Moonshine Liquor - Pullen, Whitey 22. Cotton Pickin' Ball - Williams, Charlie 23. Crazy, Crazy Baby - Howard, Chuck 24. Old Jealous Moon - Fields, Goldie 25. Never No More - Wally & Don 26. History - King, Joannie 27. So Wild Over You - Smith, Herbie 28. Everybody's Rockin' - Pullen, Whitey 29. Tennessee Hound Dog - Atchison, Tex 30. White Line - Morris, Jack & His Night Owls 31. Open Up The Door - Dean, Eddie & Joannie Hall 32. So What - Deal, Don 33. Please Don't - Wally & Don 34. Playing Guitar And Missing You - Williams, Charlie

Long overdue review of a forgotten Westcoast-Label! With Rockabilly-classics of Whitey Pullen, Lonnie Barron, Jimmy Patton, Rusty York and many others as well as the first recording of the guitar magician Lonnie Mack! Many titles on CD for the first time! Biographies of Colin Escott and many unprecedented photos! -- Sage and Sand Records had her office on Hollywood Boulevard near the Capitol Records, the Label succeeded in the 15 years of existence but only a Hit. Sage and Sand took an eclectic mix of Hillbilly, Western and Rockabilly and gathered here are the best Rockabilly-title (the best fast Country Songs can be found on a supplementary Bear-Family-CD: 'Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight': say and Sand, BCD 16892). This is the kind of coupling, the collectors completely love: Songs that you never heard of before, others, which they never would be able to buy, and both together on a randvollen composition; times quite apart from the album and the photos! How about with Lonnie Barron, himself as 'Elvis of Muttonville', and the jealous husband was shot down - just as Barrons last Sage and say plate was a Hit. Also Chuck Howard, a happy go lucky Rockabilly singer, with two members of the Beatles has worked. Or Harley Gabbard and Aubrey Holt, a recording session their young Cousin brought with them, without the knowledge that this would revolutionise Lonnie Mack the game on the electric guitar. They are all here, besides schrulligen types, e.g. Gene Vincent's previous Roadmanager Whitey Pullen or Donnie Bowser, the fiery Rockabilly from the wheelchair sang. MISTAKEN stories, incredible music, superbly restored, aufpoliert and packaged. Just as it is expected to Bear Family.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Glenn Reeves – Johnny On The Spot

Baer Family Records

BCD 16658 AH

1. Rock Around The World 2. I Can't Love You (Like You Want Me To Do) 3. Rockin' Country Style 4. Tarzan 5. I'm Hangin' Around 6. Precious Years 7. Born To Cry 8. Betty's Bounce 9. Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee 10. The Last Time 11. That'll Be Love 12. Rock-A-Boogie Lou 13. She Traded Her Pigtails For A Toni 14. He Gotta Way 15. I Found A Dream 16. Tortured Heart 17. Woman Trouble 18. Wasted Time, Wasted Years 19. I Ain't Got Room To Rock 20. I'm Johnny On The Spot 21. The Blues Are Out Tonight 22. That'll Be Love (alt) 23. Heartbreak Hotel (demo) 24. My Hometown 25. Today (Is The First Day)

The first and only Song was tyed for a major, but so far only rare singer and songwriters with this Original Demo by 'Heartbreak Hotel', one of the main title of the Rock'n'Roll history! All eight singles, Glenn Reeves in the 1950s-years for TNT, Republic, Atco and Decca succeeded! Also six unpublished title from the fifties and a very rare 60s-Single in the Envy-Label! With rare Photos and discussions with Reeves' friends and his family! The comprehensive Booklet by Martin Hawkins is dedicated to all singer, composer, disc jockey, TV Star, Musikpromoter and more! -- This CD provides the first comprehensive look at Glenn Reeves' career - a man who was in the 50SEC different Rock-'n'-Roll styles developed from Western Bop about early rockers rocking to ballads. Reeves was an excellent singer, although he was in the shadow of the other successes (he was the first artist 'Heartbreak Hotel') and Reeves was also a good songwriter: 'Honey Bop', 'Rockin' Country Style', 'I won't Be Rockin' Tonite'. But even more successful than he was a Show TV Star in the 60s from Florida was broadcast, and Promoter large Countrymusic-events in the 70s. Its significance in the history of Rock 'n' Roll may not be too prominent, but he is not less important. Now all the fully extended in word and image, however, especially in the Form of rocking music.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

J.R. Leonard – Truckers Finest

South Coast Records Ltd.

1. A Way of Life 3:03 2. Country Music Love Affair 3:15 3. Big Brother 4:01 4. Lay Down and Rock Me 4:05 5. Darlene From San Antone 3:42 6. European Country Music 3:42 7. Wanna Kiss You All Over 4:22 8. The World Is An Audience 2:59 9. War Is Over 3:41 10. Message On the Radio 2:54 11. Message From Elvis 3:50 12. Canadian Rose 3:52 13. December Day 3:39

This Album now has lasted longer until "Truckers Finest" by J. R. Leonard. I am pleased that it is much more popular. The 13 Songs are a blend of traditional Country Music, Country Rock and Southern Rock. As I recommend Anspieltip "Lay Down And Rock Me" and "Message From Elvis".

Christian Lamitschka ( )

The Bristol Sessions 1927 – 1928 – The Big Bang of Country Music

Bear Family Records

BCD 16094 EK

Disk: 1 1. The Dying Girl's Farewell 2. Tell Mother I Will Meet Her 3. The Mountaineer's Courtship 4. Midnight On The Stormy Deep 5. Sweeping Through The Gates 6. I Know My Name Is There 7. Are You Washed In The Blood? 8. No More Good-Byes 9. The Resurrection (take 1) 10. The Resurrection (take 2) 11. I Am Resolved (take 1) 12. I Am Resolved (take 2) 13. I Want To Go Where Jesus Is 14. Do, Lord, Remember Me 15. Old Ship Of Zion 16. Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day 17. Happy In Prison 18. Don't Grieve After Me 19. What Will I Do, For My Money's All Gone 20. The Whip-poor-will's Song 21. Skip To Ma Lou, My Darling 22. Barney McCoy 23. Old Time Corn Shuckin', Part 1 24. Old Time Corn Shuckin', Part 2

Disk: 2 1. The Jealous Sweetheart (take 1) 2. The Jealous Sweetheart (take 2) 3. A Passing Policeman 4. Just A Message From Carolina 5. The Wreck Of the Virginian (take 1) 6. The Wreck Of the Virginian (take 2) 7. I Mean To Live For Jesus 8. You Must Unload 9. Walking in the Way With Jesus (take 1) 10. Walking in the Way With Jesus (Take 2) 11. Two Brothers Are We 12. The Soldier's Poor Little Boy 13. I Want to See My Mother (Ten Thousand Miles Away) 14. Pot Liquor Blues 15. Narrow Gauge Blues 16. Cold Penitentiary Blues 17. Oh Molly Dear 18. Pretty Polly 19. Darling Cora 20. Called To The Foreign Field 21. I Am Bound For The Promised Land 22. Where We'll Never Grow Old 23. When They Ring The Golden Bells 24. To The Work 25. Train On The Island 26. Black-Eyed Susie 27. Johnny Goodwin

Disk: 3 1. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow 2. Little Log Cabin By The Sea 3. The Poor Orphan Child 4. The Storms Are On The Ocean 5. Single Girl, Married Girl 6. The Wandering Boy 7. Remember Me, O Mighty One 8. I'm Redeemed 9. Henry Whitter's Fox Chase 10. Rain Crow Bill 11. Big Bend Gal 12. Suzanna Gal 13. Sandy River Belle (take 1) 14. Sandy River Belle (take 2) 15. Billy Grimes, The Rover 16. The Newmarket Wreck 17. On The Banks Of The Sunny Tennessee 18. The Soldier's Sweetheart 19. Sleep Baby Sleep 20. The Longest Train I Ever Saw 21. Sweet Heaven When I Die 22. Miss 'Liza, Poor Gal 23. Greasy String 24. Your Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy 25. Standing On The Promises 26. Shall We Gather At The River

Disk: 4 1. My Name Is Ticklish Reuben 2. Way Down In Alabama 3. Do Not Wait 'Till I'm Laid 'Neath The Clay 4. The Days Of My Childhood Plays 5. We Shall All Be Reunited 6. If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul 7. Went Up In The Clouds Of Heaven 8. I Know That Jesus Set Me Free 9. Shine On Me 10. Bright Tomorrow 11. A Little Talk With Jesus 12. I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart 13. Three Black Sheep 14. Good-night Darling 15. Little Bunch Of Roses 16. The Broken-Hearted Lover 17. Angeline, The Baker 18. Old Shoes And Leggin's 19. We Parted By The Riverside 20. Down To Jordan And Be Saved 21. There's A Light Lit Up In Galilee 22. Going Up The Mountain After Liquor, Part 1 23. Going Up The Mountain After Liquor, Part 2 24. The Spanish Merchant's Daughter 25. Too Late

Disk: 5 1. I'll Be Happy 2. Like The Rainbow 3. Because I Love Him 4. Come To The Savior 5. Do Your Best, Then Wear A Smile 6. We Shall Reach Home 7. My Mother Is Waiting For Me In Heaven Above 8. She Has Climbed The Golden Stair 9. We'll Sing On That Shore 10. Singing The Story Of Grace 11. Help Me To Find The Way 12. He'll Be With Me 13. Brownie Blues 14. Unknown Blues 15. Where Is My Mamma? 16. When You Go A'Courtin' 17. I Sat Upon The River Bank 18. New Orleans Is The Town I Like Best 19. She Tells Me That I Am Sweet 20. Mr. Brown, Here I Come 21. I Truly Understand, You Love Another Man 22. My Mother's Hands

5-CD Box (LP-Format) with 120-seide hardbound book. 124 singles; duration approx. six hours and 25 minutes. - JOHNNY CASH is the 1927s sessions as the most significant moment in the history of the Country Music.' These recordings highlight the origin of the Country Music! An unsurpassed treasure trove for traditional American Music! This is the first and only publishing a full legendary sessions with the extremely rare recordings of 1928! Here the first recordings of the Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers. -- In July/August 1927 traveled Victor Records recording Sessions for Bristol, Tennessee, a crucial Moment in the history of Country Music. Producer Ralph Peer found two performers, the national and achieved international acclaim: Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family. There were at the Bristol Sessions of 1927 and '28. More than one hundred more pictures made: there are quite ballad singers, stringbands, gospelquartettes, harmonica virtuoso, preachers, Bluesguitarists and storyteller. Snapshots traditional American music recorded in a period of rapid changes: pictures of an almost irrevocable past, in this great recordings for always maintained. -- The five CDs contain all receive remained in this Box recordings from these Sessions with alternate Takes. The addition booklet includes newly researched essays with background information about the sessions and the individual artists, with many rare and previously unreleased photos. Also included are the complete lyrics and a detailed discography, illustrated with reproductions of the original archives with recorded data.
Rachel Cain – Turn Up The Radio

JaGaR Records

1. Turn Up the Radio 3:46 2. The Bottle Ain't the Answer 3:22 3. Raining in Chicago 3:34 4. A Fool No More 3:12 5. Tick Tock 2:53 6. Moon Over Memphis 2:53 7. Can't Wait to Dance 3:44 8. Not the One 3:02 9. Trouble on the Line 3:07 10. On a Night Like This 2:44 11. This is the Place 3:25 12. Too Blue to Boogie 2:48 13. Trouble With a Capital T 3:00 14. Beach Bum 4:22

Liverpool was the birthplace in the past of many great artist. From Liverpool, Rachel Cain, from there she has already managed to Nashville to participate in "Nashville Star Search" and the coveted award "Best Newcomer" to win. Now it is with the Album "Turn Up The Radio" to the numerous Country Music Fans in the world on the road. A mixture of traditional Country Music with modern influences asterisk presented on the Album "Turn Up The Radio", which total 14 Songs. It has the Country Music not reinvented, but provides a solid work. Let's be honest, there are not many artists mounting a CD with 14 Songs. Thus the Album is obviously a recommendation.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Peggy Sugarhill – Rockabilly Music Is Bad Bad Bad

Bear Family Records

BCD 17106 AH

1. Rockabilly Music Is Bad 2. Lucille 3. She Don't Love You 4. Sticks And Stones 5. Money Honey 6. Gisele 7. That's Alright Mama 8. I Won't Stand In Your Way 9. Breakaway 10. Switchblade 327 11. Eldorado Lost

Rockabilly, made in Germany - A strong Lady in a male domain. Debutes the CD with German musicians and Cover versions of classics as well as her own Songs. -- No melancholy at the Piano, no Folksongs to the acoustic, no Pop-sounds: Peggy Sugarhill dare what (another) in a - also international - male domain: Rockabilly galore! -- Peggy who?! The singer grew up as daughter Czech-Lithuanian parents in Cologne. In her youth she sang for fun from fun of Amateur informationen, e.g. Songs of the Andrews Sisters. Then she came into the picture Elvis! Movies, music, clothing, presence, sustainable Peggy was infected. She learned physical security, but the music manager caused them not to continue. The participation in a Presley-Coverband did nothing, the young Lady wanted to be on her own two feet! With Rockabilly, as the few women long before their time dared: Wanda Jackson, Charline Arthur, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, which also courageously became songs legendary colleagues had long acquired. The time was ripe for Peggy Sugarhill! -- the plan were Backbeat-musician, singer Sasha to a successful Artist already had helped in the Charts. Already ensured first concerts in pubs, Stage and similar events for the powerful resonance rising. Interested producers were postponed until early this year, as a cooperation from the pregnancy the singer learned. -- What now, what do with herself: Peggy brought their volume their debut CD in Cologne Bex-Studio at Hanno Kahl 'live' in the box. As Bear Family Records, always also hopeful Newcomer, got wind of the thumbs up, went there and done! -- Whether Genre Classic from Arthur Crudup (That's Alright Mama), Brian Setzer (Stray Cats; Switchblade 327), Jackie DeShannon (Breakaway) and Titus Turner (Sticks And Stones) - Peggy Sugarhill has them all on handle; and casual garnished with equally convincing your debut, explosive Songs from their own production (Rockabilly Music Is bath bath bath, Gisele, Eldorado Lost), without losing a considerable level. -- Ladies first: focuses on contemporary-Rockabilly has a new name - Peggy Sugarhill.
Jimmy Spellman - Doggonit

Baer Family Records

BCD 16840 AR

1. Doggonit 2. What A Way To Die 3. Here Am I 4. I'll Never Smile Again 5. No Need To Cry Anymore 6. (She Wants) A Lover Man 7. Why Try To Be Original 8. Make Up Your Mind 9. Ladder Of Love 10. Deep Love 11. Give Me Some Of Yours (And I'll Give You Some) 12. She Used To Be My Girl 13. Love Dreams 14. It's You, You, You 15. That's All I Need (That's Good Enough For Me) 16. True Love (Is Our Love) 17. I Couldn't Say 18. No Escape 19. Price Tag 20. Trouble In Mind 21. Guardian Angel 22. To Wonderland 23. Think Of Me 24. Hard To Believe 25. I Cried 26. When I Talk To Her Of Love 27. (Cry If You Want To) I Don't Care 28. Misty Eyes

On this Album for the first time a Spellman recording for Viv, Dot, Vik, Rev and Redstart - with the guitarist Al Casey. Optics, Digi-packaging and fabulous sound (of engineer Jack Miller/Audio recorder) - everything's all Bear-Family-Quality. Unpublished and six Demo takes. Complete accompanying text written by Johnny Vallis and music historian John Dixon from Arizona. -- On 20. September 2004, Jimmy Spellman landed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame: with his rocking 'Doggonit' (Dot) a series of simple Country classics for Lee Hazlewoods Viv Label known. The cult musician has already been honored from Madison Square Garden Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. He is in good company of local greats like Duane Eddy, Jimmy Dell, Sanford Clark, Al Casey, Chuck Mayfield, Wayne Newton and Loy Clingman. -- Although, in the fertile Rockabilly scene of Phoenix 1950s a crucial role, was Jimmy Spellmans musical career, never documented intensively. It is now changing in this comprehensive Bear-Family-publication. It combines all blessed first recordings for Viv, Dot, Vik, Rev and Redstart. 1955 Spellman was the first artist on Lee Hazlewoods new Viv Label. Even before he climbed to the top as Sanford Clark and Duane Eddy devoted more time and money on Spellman Hazlewood, used and its early compositions. In only six short years, where he began (1955-1960), the Country, Rock and Popschiene Spellman operated with music first class.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Charlie Phillips - Sugartime

Baer Family Records

BCD 16840 AR

1. I'm Trapped 2. The Bridge I Can't Burn 3. Souvenirs Of Sorrow 4. Be Careful, Go Easy, Walk Slow 5. Sugartime 6. Be My Bride 7. Too Many Tears 8. Faker 9. One Faded Rose 10. No More Sugartime 11. Welcome To The Wedding 12. Guess I'll Never Learn 13. Now That It's Over 14. No One To Love 15. 'Till Sunday 16. Cancel The Call 17. You're Moving Away 18. Later Tonight 19. This Is The House 20. Please Help Me Believe 21. The Streets Of Loneliness 22. Big Ball 's In Cowtown 23. Rainbow In The Valley 24. Twenty Fools Ago 25. Blue Blue Bottle 26. Who Are You 27. I Walk Alone Tomorrow 28. Hurry Up Sundown 29. I’m Giving Her Love 30. I'll Take What's Left Of You 31. Listen (Could It Be Her) 32. Phoney Angel 33. You're My LSD 34. R&R Medley 35. Sugartime (demo)

His Song 'Sugartime' is one of the most played, bestselling titles of the 20th century. Charlie counts rather to the unknown of Tex-Mex music history. He was a contemporary like Buddy Holly. All Charlie-Phillips-Originalsongs until 1967, and the best songs in the later years, nine previously unpublished title! Phillips is accompanied by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Glen Campbell, Al Casey and the best session muscians from Nashville. There are many never shown in the Booklet photos. -- With its four-octave voice belongs to the balladier Charlie Phillips and versatile singers who ever came from West Texas. At his first pro-Session (with Buddy Holly guitar) was 'Sugartime' - one of the best cover songs of the 20. century. The Title 'Be My Bride' first appeared on the CD 'That'LL Flat Git It, Vol. 9' (Bear Family, BCD 15971) - it is the only titles on this coupling, hitherto appeared in Europe; so rarely offered here is the Material! -- Bonus-Songs please beautiful: We have previously unpublished Original Demos of 'Sugartime' (1956) and Rockabilly classics 'Faker' (1958). There is also the Studio-Master of 'You're My LSD', the almost too good to be true. We offer a concert-Medley with 'Whole Lotta Shakin'/ Johnny Be Goode / The Twist / Rock Around The Clock / Sugartime': here is Charlie from members of the Texas Playboys accompanied - a hitherto been totally unknown page of the artist. -- Charlie has worked for the detailed Booklet-biography with John Ingman. It fits perfectly with the other colleagues from West Texas, the Bear Family has to offer: The Crickets (BCD 15599), Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen (BCD 16872), Terry Noland (BCD 15428) and Roy Orbison (BCD 15407.15461, 15916 and 16423).

Christian Lamitschka ( )

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